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garden storage

Smart Ways to Incorporate Garden Storage into Your Garage

The Gardener’s Garage Make your tools easy to find and easy to access. Any gardener will tell you that having a lush, colorful, blooming garden is only possible if you have lots of time, plenty of energy, and all the right equipment. If you want to make the most of your…

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garage spring cleaning checklist

A Clean Garage: The Best Spring Checklist

Get Your Garage Ready for Summer Don’t clean harder, clean smarter. We are right on the edge of spring, which means it’s time to start planning your spring cleaning. No one looks forward to this yearly chore, but it’s an important ritual if you want to keep things clean, organized, accessible,…

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garage art studio

Designing Your Personal Garage Art Studio

Garage Studio Plans to Help You Unleash Your Creativity Turn your garage into a space that works for you. If you have a passion for the arts, you know that it takes a lot of space to practice your hobby. You need room to store supplies and finished projects, plus enough…

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man cave garage

The Ultimate Man Cave

Learn How to Build Your Man Cave Garage Turn your garage into your favorite room in the house Who says that a man cave has to go in the basement? The hassle of renovating a basement can be huge, and there are often limitations you can’t work around. In the…

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cool garages

Your Must-Have Features of Cool Garages

Awesome Garages Have these Features. Does Yours? Simple upgrades to make an average garage awesome Let’s start with a definition of awesome garages. They don’t have to be outrageous or over the top. They simply need to work the way you want them to and be a pleasant space to…

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garage conversion ideas

Unique Garage Conversion Ideas

Think Outside the Box for Your Garage Conversion Spruce up the space in interesting and outrageous ways We have all seen garages that have been transformed into a wood shop, mechanic’s space, or man cave. But a converted garage is such a versatile space that it can become just about…

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garage decorating

Clever Garage Decorating Ideas: Upgrade Your Space

Upgrade Any Space with these Garage Decorating Ideas Turn an average garage into your favorite space in the house We usually think of garages as being more functional than stylish. But there is no rule that says this space has to be dark, dingy, cluttered, and uninviting. If you spend…

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auto garage accessories

10 Essential Auto Garage Accessories

Transform Your Garage into a Professional Auto Shop Care for your car in the comfort of your home If you prefer to do your own automotive maintenance and repairs the garage is the obvious place to set up shop. But in order to ensure that you can complete any project…

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finishing a garage

Don’t Overlook these Details When Finishing a Garage

The Most Important Elements in Any Finished Garage Help your project stay on schedule and in budget Finishing a garage is a great way to turn a dark, dingy, and underused part of your home into a new space with an exciting new purpose. And compared to the prospect of…

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winter garage makeover

Why Winter is the Best Time for a Garage Makeover

Pick the Best Time to Schedule Your Garage Winter Makeover Don’t wait until spring or summer. Take advantage of the winter weather to upgrade your garage. You probably didn’t realize it, but the timing of your garage makeover has a big impact on the outcome. It might seem logical to…

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