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Best Flooring For Garages

Are you thinking about upgrading your garage flooring? Whether you’re wanting to create an easy-to-clean surface, protect your current floor from structural problems, or simply add pizzazz to your garage space, we’ll tell you about the most popular materials used in garage flooring today.

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DIY garage storage ideas

10 Awesome DIY Garage Storage Ideas & Projects

It seems like the cluttered garage is the true definition of America living. Did you know that at least 1 out of 4 Americans has a disorganized garage? Well, if you thought you’re alone, there many other people dealing with the messy garage shame. Fortunately, there are several methods for organizing all…

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garage car lift

Doubling Your Space with a Garage Car Lift

Nearly 10% of American homeowners rent a self-storage unit because they don’t have space in their house. Does this concern sound familiar? If you’ve been needing a way to double the space in your garage, we have the perfect solution for you. A residential garage car lift is the best way…

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garage storage

10 Garage Hacks to Make Your Space Amazing

For more than 50 percent of homeowners, the garage is the most cluttered room of the house. This is because it becomes a bit of an on-site storage unit, perfect for housing holiday décor, toys, tools, and other gear.  But using your garage to store items doesn’t mean you have to…

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garden storage

Smart Ways to Incorporate Garden Storage into Your Garage

The Gardener’s Garage Make your tools easy to find and easy to access. Any gardener will tell you that having a lush, colorful, blooming garden is only possible if you have lots of time, plenty of energy, and all the right equipment. If you want to make the most of your…

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garage spring cleaning checklist

A Clean Garage: The Best Spring Checklist

Get Your Garage Ready for Summer Don’t clean harder, clean smarter. We are right on the edge of spring, which means it’s time to start planning your spring cleaning. No one looks forward to this yearly chore, but it’s an important ritual if you want to keep things clean, organized, accessible,…

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