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Slatwall is versatile

Upgrade Your Space: 9 Benefits of Getting a Garage Makeover

In many homes, the garage is one of those forgotten spaces. We know it exists. We use it for the basics like parking a vehicle and storing a random assortment of items. We don’t use it to its full potential, though. For that reason, many homeowners don’t realize what they’re missing until…

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Garage Winter

Garage Winter Prep Made-Easy With 3 Simple Steps

Leaves are falling, daylight hours are dwindling, and the football season is in full swing. No doubt by now you’ve done some “winterizing” projects for your home. You’ve checked your furnace, disconnected your outside hoses and maybe even made sure your windows are well-insulated. But have you checked your garage? We’ve…

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garage door winterizing

Garage Door Winterizing Tips For the Bitter St. Louis Months

Keeping your garage warm and protected in the winter doesn’t have to be a challenge. Adding a few tasks to your garage checklist ensures your storage and organization systems are not only protected, but they are also guaranteed to last. We’re laying out the tips for making sure your garage door…

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Storage Solutions

Simple Storage Solutions for a Small Garage

When it comes to your garage it can be a battle for space. If you have a small garage, then you’re probably a veteran of the never-ending war for space. While your garage was designed to shelter your car, every homeowner knows it’s also the chief storage room within any house….

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Five Steps to an Easy Garage Makeover

Simple Garage Makeover Plan You don’t have to spend big money to make a big impact in your garage. A little purging and some planning make the process a breeze. Be sure to hire a garage organization expert, like Garage Designs of St. Louis, with the know-how, to plan the right functions in…

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Dog Days in the Remodeled Garage

Keeping Their Dog’s Home in Style Anyone familiar with St. Louis weather knows these are the dog days of summer – staggering heat, smothering humidity, school on the horizon. But for the dogs in one St. Louis family, the dog days are spent in their newly remodeled garage. How did…

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Special Deal on Garage Cabinets Displays

Home Show Garage Cabinets Displays for Sale with Sweet Discounts! Garage Designs has two sets of garage cabinets just waiting for a new home! Both sets of garage cabinets were part of our display at this spring’s Home & Garden Show.  But now we need to move them out to…

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Garages: Before and After

Dramatic Transformations “Boy, do I need that!” It’s the usual response when I tell people I am in the garage organizing and makeover business.  And in fact, many times the garages we restore are in desperate need. Really desperate need! The  fun thing about this job is witnessing the clients…

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Cool StoreWALL Solutions For Your Garage

Every Garage Can Use StoreWALL! At Garage Designs of St Louis, we have long known the benefits of StoreWALL storage panels and accessories. And the folks at StoreWALL just keep elevating their game! For those who aren’t familiar, StoreWALL storage panels are a high-quality slatwall system that mounts to any…

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Unusual – but Useful – Garage Cabinets

What’s in your garage? Garage Designs installs a lot of garage cabinets each year. Most cabinets are fairly standard – stock size, simple style, typical color. And that’s okay. But it’s really fun when we get to design unusual cabinets for a specific purpose. We have created garage cabinets to…

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