innovative uses for garage space

9 Innovative Uses for Garage Space

Create an addition to your home for a whole lot less! Don't think of your garage as a space where you store your car and lawn mower. Think of it as space that is flexible and dynamic enough to serve any purpose, or lots of different purposes. You can use your garage space...
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space saving

Space Saving Ideas for Your Garage

Simple Strategies for Space Saving and Organization Get more from the space in your garage If you are like a lot of people, your garage is an absolute mess. There are piles of stuff everywhere, most of which you rarely use. Tools, toys, and sporting equipment are all mixed up…

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Garage Cabinet Ideas

Garage Cabinet Ideas in St. Louis, MO

Garage Cabinet Ideas to Suit any Space Put the mess away for good If your garage is like a lot of garages in St. Louis, MO, you have yard tools leaning against the walls, junk piled up on benches, and cutter occupying every corner. No only does this look unsightly,…

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Garage Flooring Contractor in St. Louis

Garage Flooring Contractor in St. Louis

Garage Flooring Contractor in St. Louis Find the team to get the job done right You probably don’t spend much time thinking about or looking at your garage floor. But it may just be the most important element in your garage. It will need to be tough enough to stand…

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garage design

An Extension of Your Living Space: Love Your Garage Design

Your Garage Design Is An Extension Of Your Living Space Use Every Inch Of Your Garage Space! For a lot of people, the garage is just a place to park the car, store the lawn mower, and stash the Christmas decorations. However, with a Garage Designs Solution, you can transform your…

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storage for back to school

Garage Storage for Back to School: Use Your Garage Space

Use Your Garage Space Easier for both parents and kids Back to school time has a lot in common with Christmas. All of a sudden your home is filled with new stuff, and new stuff means new clutter. Your kids have piles of books, backpacks with loads of school supplies,…

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organizing your garage

The Life Changing Magic of Organizing Your Garage

Organizing Your Garage Can Be Magical Feel Better and more in control of your space These days, your garage is more than just a place to park your car. A garage can also be a home gym, a crafting station, a DIY workshop, a game room, a playroom, and of course, storage…

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design your garage

Design Your Garage Interior For Aesthetic Appeal

Use These Floor-to-Ceiling Tips To Design Your Garage The modern garage is much more than just a place to park your car.  It’s also a place where you can work on projects, pump some iron, or just hang out and have fun. If you spend a lot of time in…

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Copy of Garage-Storage-15

Strong and Adaptable StoreWALL Garage Storage Solutions

Strong & Adaptable StoreWALL Garage Storage Solutions A StoreWALL Garage Storage System Offers Infinite Organization Possibilities Is your car banished to the driveway, doomed to suffer the elements because clutter has taken over your garage? Try this pro tip for garage organization: Install a StoreWALL garage storage system to maximize…

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