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3 Zones for Storing Bicycles in your Garage

Store Your Bikes With Efficiency Sure, you want them accessible. But are they cluttering your space? Many homeowners grapple with keeping their garage organized, particularly when it comes to bicycles.  Bikes block parking spaces and interrupt walkways.  Bicycles are relatively big, gangly, and tricky to manage. Most people want to…

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Garage Parking Solution

St. Louis Car Enthusiasts There is a way to expand your parking space without building additional garage space. Go vertical with a residential hydraulic car storage lift! Garage Designs of St Louis installs residential lifts from several manufacturers. Garage Designs makes installation easy – once you have purchased the lift,…

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Keep Your Seasonal Items Organized

You Can Do That? Whether it’s winter or summer, organization is key. Recently, a homeowner approached us with an unusual storage problem. She wanted to store her patio furniture in the garage, off the floor and out of sight. Wait, you can do that? After much measuring and remeasuring, the…

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When Is an Expert Really an Expert?

You Get What You Give I recently met a young contractor – Paul Hamtil – who lives and works in the St Louis area. He took over the family’s Hamtil Construction business and, along with his brother, has steadily grown revenue.  As part of that growth, Paul has positioned himself…

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The Five-Year Rule: Sorting Through Your Stuff

How Long Will You Hold On? Sometimes it’s time to turn those former “treasures” into the trash. Yesterday, I had a conversation with professional organizer Julie Hough, owner of The Ordered Home in St. Louis, MO. The conversation began as a discussion about her client’s garage but turned to the general…

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Garage Designs of St. Louis Celebrates Ten Years

It’s Time to Celebrate We are proud to hit our 10-year mark! So much has happened since Garage Designs of St. Louis was inaugurated 10 years ago. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were launched. The Hubble Telescope and Mars Rover were deployed, the Space Shuttle program scrubbed. Hurricane Katrina. Deposed dictators….

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