Home Garage Car Lifts Installation

Turn a two car garage into a three car garage with ease!

Tired of deciding which vehicle to keep in the garage and which one to park in the driveway? Want more space in your garage without significantly changing its current layout? We can help!

Instead of letting your collector’s vehicles and works-in-progress hog the whole garage while you park your everyday vehicle outside and battle the wind, rain, or snow, let us install a convenient car lift for you. Our residential parking lifts are safe, practical, and easy to use.

Car lifts for home garage owners free up a significant amount of space, so you can finally park more than one vehicle inside without squeezing to get inside of your car door or worrying about cramming your vehicle into a tight space. We can install any make, model, or size, whether you need a two-post lift for your favorite car or a sturdy four-post lift for multiple vehicles.

Worried it’ll be difficult to get your car down from the lift? After the installation process, we’ll explain how to use your new equipment and answer any questions you have so you can quickly and safely remove your vehicle when you’re ready to cruise the city again.

Maximize your garage space and simplify your life with a car lift installation from Garage Designs of St. Louis.

Home Garage Lift Examples

Ready For Your Home Car Lift Installation?

Count on Garage Designs to help you with your home car lift needs.

You’ll receive a fully customized car lift job that will give your garage the organization and increase your home value that you’re looking for.  Browse our showroom online and download garage organization deals to save on your flooring options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a car lift for a garage?

Cost depends on size, weight, and configuration.

How high does a garage have to be for a lift?

A garage must be a minimum of ten feet tall. However, the height of your vehicles is a major factor.

What is the best car lift for home garage?

We recommend a four-post lift for residential use.