Doubling Your Space with a Garage Car Lift

garage car lift

Nearly 10% of American homeowners rent a self-storage unit because they don’t have space in their house. Does this concern sound familiar? If you’ve been needing a way to double the space in your garage, we have the perfect solution for you. A residential garage car lift is the best way to create more space in your home for extra storage and organization.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on storage rentals or invest thousands on an unnecessary home extension. Instead, a car lift for garage storage can give you the opportunity to create another space in your home that you love.

What Is a Garage Car Lift?

A car lift is a type of forklift that’s specifically designed for the vertical movement of vehicles. Depending on the size of a lift, it can raise the family SUV for space or get that prized sports car up and safely away.

More homeowners today are choosing to invest in a residential car lift because it’s an affordable way to transform a home garage. What’s more, it also has added benefits for the preservation of your cherished vehicle.

If the idea of putting a car lift inside your garage sounds scary–don’t worry. Most garage car lift providers take great pride in their projects and will deliver and install the lift for you.

You can make 2019 the year you turn your garage into a space that you love. The first step to making that happen is by doubling your garage space with a newly-installed lift.

garage car liftTop Six Benefits of Owning a Garage Car Lift

You might not realize it, but a car lift is one of the best garage organization systems out there. Why? Because it immediately doubles the space in your garage, leaving you with plenty of options for shelving or cabinets.

It’s time to give your garage the makeover it deserves by optimizing its space with a lift. Not only will you have more space to move, but your car will also appreciate the extra TLC.

Wondering how investing in a residential car lift can benefit you? Here are the top six benefits of owning a garage car lift.

1. Protect Your Investment

With the sizable investment you made in purchasing your car, you’ll want to do all you can to protect it and extend its lifespan. Cars that are parked outside in a driveway are more exposed to vandalism and theft.

This is why a residential garage car lift is a worthwhile and affordable investment. It can allow you to park your car safely inside where it won’t be seen by others.

What’s more, parking your vehicle in a garage can extend the life of its body. It can even help prolong engine life.

2. Gain Off-Season Storage

The Winter season is the most brutal time to have your car exposed to the elements. Extreme temperatures, freezing rain, and snow all put a lot of wear and tear on a vehicle.

Garage storage systems like residential car lifts make it possible to protect your car from harsh outside elements. When your vehicle doesn’t have to bear the exposure of Winter weather, it will last longer.

It’s also a cheaper storage option for your high-end car than an off-site storage facility. Car enthusiasts can keep their prized vehicle safely at home until warm weather arrives.

3. Easy Vehicle Maintenance

A car lift makes it easy to perform repairs on the underside of your car. If you enjoy being hands-on with your vehicle’s maintenance, then you’ll want a car lift to make it more accessible and easier on the body.

Have you ever suffered from pain after working hours on your car in an uncomfortable position? Then installing a car lift might be the best solution for you. Just make sure to buy a lift that’s been certified by the ANSI.

4. It Isn’t Just for Cars

Even though it’s called a “car” lift, it works just as well as a storage device for other machinery. You can buy a car lift with the capacity to hold pickup trucks or vans. If you need to store lawn-care machinery or a snowblower during the off-season, a car lift is a perfect solution.

5. Optimize Storage Space

When you’re able to utilize all of the space in your garage, it makes garage organization even more possible. Having a car lift means you can double up on vehicle storage on one side of your garage. This leaves the other half of your garage entirely available for extra storage and organization.

What does this mean for you and your home? It might mean fewer trips to the attic crawlspace to grab stored boxes. You might even be able to finally use that workshop in your backyard for projects instead of using it to store machinery.

6. Cheaper Than a Home Extension

If not having enough home storage has been a source of stress, then you might have already considered paying for a home extension. Before you make that costly investment though, you can install a car lift to optimize the space you already have.

Installing a residential car lift might save you thousands of dollars. It’s a simple and easy solution for homeowners needing extra space and TLC for their vehicles.

garage car lift

Types of Car Lifts

If you’ve decided on installing a car lift into your garage, the next step is to learn about each different type of lift available. Although not all are well-suited for residential homes, each type of car lift offers unique designs and machinery.

The more you learn about the types of car lifts, the better understanding you’ll have once you begin the installation process yourself. Just remember that purchasing a car lift is not a time to be overly stingy. You’ll want to invest in a lift that’s well-made and safe for your home.

As you shop around, remember to ask about each lift’s safety lock and whether or not they’re adjustable. You should also try to look for a lift that has externally lubricating or self-lubricating sheaves.

Looking for a car lift with these specs will help you find a lift that is safe and durable. Before you being shopping though, read on to learn a little bit about each type of car lift available.

Two-Post Surface Lifts

This is a frame-engaging lift that’s designed to support your car’s weight with metal arms that attach to two posts. You can choose between a “symmetrical” design or “asymmetrical” design depending on your needs.

Bonuses to this type of car lift are that it supports heavy loads and takes up less floor space. This is also a great lift style for car owners who do a lot of underbody or tire work.

With a two-post lift, you’ll want to make sure it’s bolted securely to the floor and gets regularly safety checkups. It’s also a more hands-on style since you won’t be driving your car directly onto it.

Scissor-Type or Hinge-Type

This type of lift is a great option if you don’t have the most spacious garage. It works by using lifts that lie flat on the floor so that the car can drive directly on top. Then the arms are positioned and the lift is raised through a means of scissor-action joints or hinged beams.

This style of lift is compact and lower on cost. It also doesn’t need to be bolted to the floor and gives you access to do suspension and brake work.

Four-Post Drive-On

This is a wheel-engaging style that has two runways to easily drive your car onto the lift. Four posts support the runway as they rise and it has a large gap for homeowners to do underbody work.

With this type of lift, you don’t need to worry about bolting it down and it’s also easier to move. It requires extra cross-beams and jacks though, which makes it a more hands-on style of lift.

In-Ground Lift

Although this type of car lift is usually found in dealerships or service stations, it’s still worth mentioning because of its unique design. This lift uses heavy-duty machinery that’s installed below ground in a 9-foot-deep pit.

It’s the most expensive type of car lift on the market, but it’s also environmentally friendly. It also uses the least amount of floor space and gives you full access to work on the vehicle.

garage car lift

Doubling Your Garage Space

2019 can become the year you stop stressing about limited storage space. A residential garage car lift is easy to incorporate into your home and can maximize the space in your garage.

Looking for more ways to improve your garage? Try these ten garage hacks to make your space amazing.



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