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Doubling Your Space with a Garage Car Lift

Nearly 10% of American homeowners rent a self-storage unit because they don’t have space in their house. Does this concern sound familiar? If you’ve been needing a way to double the space in your garage, we have the perfect solution for you. A residential garage car lift is the best way…

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Unorganized Garage

3 Ways To Finally Organize Your Garage

Organizing your garage can be a daunting task, but with the right garage storage tips you can declutter your space once and for all. Here are some ways you can create a great space for your car along with whatever else you’d like to fit (and find) in your garage.

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vehicle on a residential garage car lift

3 Reasons Why You Need A Car Lift for Your Garage

Whether you’ve been envious of your buddies in the car club or it’s just something you’ve always wanted, many car enthusiasts would love to have a residential garage lift to turn their garage into the ultimate in automotive awesomeness. When you decide to take the plunge and buy a lift,…

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Car enthusiast

Garage Conversion for the Ultimate Car Enthusiast

Use your garage to pursue your passion. Cars are the first thing people think about when they think about the garage. But for some people that means the place they store their car, and for others it means the place they repair, restore, and worship the thing they love the most….

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auto garage accessories

10 Essential Auto Garage Accessories

Transform Your Garage into a Professional Auto Shop Care for your car in the comfort of your home If you prefer to do your own automotive maintenance and repairs the garage is the obvious place to set up shop. But in order to ensure that you can complete any project…

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winter garage makeover

Why Winter is the Best Time for a Garage Makeover

Pick the Best Time to Schedule Your Garage Winter Makeover Don’t wait until spring or summer. Take advantage of the winter weather to upgrade your garage. You probably didn’t realize it, but the timing of your garage makeover has a big impact on the outcome. It might seem logical to…

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garage design

An Extension of Your Living Space: Love Your Garage Design

Your Garage Design Is An Extension Of Your Living Space Use Every Inch Of Your Garage Space! For a lot of people, the garage is just a place to park the car, store the lawn mower, and stash the Christmas decorations. However, with a Garage Designs Solution, you can transform your…

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Garage Parking Solution

St. Louis Car Enthusiasts There is a way to expand your parking space without building additional garage space. Go vertical with a residential hydraulic car storage lift! Garage Designs of St Louis installs residential lifts from several manufacturers. Garage Designs makes installation easy – once you have purchased the lift,…

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