best gifts for dad

Easy ideas that any Dad will love any day of the year. Father’s day is right around the corner and provides a unique opportunity to show the Dad in your life how much you love and appreciate him. Unfortunately, unlike Mother’s day, a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates don’t work as well as presents. We’ve created a quick list of the best gifts for Dad to make shopping easy on you.

Show Your Thanks with the Best Gifts for Dad

Tools: Whether your dad is a DIY enthusiast or a dedicated craftsman, his favorite projects probably involve having a tool in his hand. Find out if he lacks any equipment, working with a worn out implement, or missing something new to the market.

Grilling Stuff: No matter what your dad likes to eat, he probably likes to grill it first. Make sure that he is not limited to cooking just burgers and hot dogs by getting him grilling accessories or a new grill entirely.

best gifts for dad

Car Paraphernalia: Not all dads are car enthusiasts, but he might prefer motorcycles, bicycles, or flying objects. These mechanical obsessions are a great source of gift ideas, whether it be equipment, books, or art to hang on the walls.

Shaving Accessories: Even if your dad has a baby face he probably has a razor and shaving cream in the bathroom. Take advantage of the recent Renaissance in shaving, and get him some premium products for his face.

Outdoor Gear: Hiking, camping, fishing, boating – there are tons of outdoor activities that dads love. Sometimes just one new piece of gear can completely change the way he pursues his favorite hobby.

best gifts for dad

Kitchen Items: Maybe your dad is a true foodie, or maybe he just enjoys a cup of strong coffee, a thick cut steak, or a cold craft beer. There are lots of things that Dad will be delighted to find tucked away to the kitchen.

Upgrading His Garage: You could buy your Dad all the tools and gadgets he wants, but having the proper storage space and organization is crucial. Consider investing in garage cabinets and garage storage, such as StoreWALL™ and ceiling options, to clear up that space so he has room to showcase all his gifts.

Donations: Dads are a thoughtful group of guys, and some would rather use the occasion of Father’s Day to think about others rather than celebrate themselves. If there is a cause he is really passionate about, make a donation in his name.

Something Homemade: The best gifts for dad are often the ones you make yourself. They are one-of-a-kind, come straight from the heart, and make a bigger statement than anything you could buy in a store.

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Garage Designs Specializes in Dad’s Favorite Space

Like we said before, a lot of the items on this list are things that you keep in the garage – cars, grills, tools, tents, etc. That’s because, for a lot of dads, the garage is the best space in the home. Why not help him love it even more by installing customized storage, putting down an upgraded floor, and adding space and functionality to the garage. For Father’s Day or just because it’s a home improvement, he is sure to get excited about. Contact Garage Designs for a free estimate and for more information about custom garage solutions.

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