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Garage Flooring Company In St. Louis, MO

Are you tired of your cold, gray concrete garage flooring? 

As a garage flooring company in St. Louis, MO, we can change the whole look of your garage with any of our decorative and durable flooring choices.

Do you have flooring ideas but don’t know how to implement them? There is an endless variety of options for making your floor stand out.

We Offer Epoxy & Racedeck Flooring

Why you’ll absolutely love an epoxy or Racedeck floor upgrade for your garage

  • Both have their own look and feel – one is more subtle and one has lots of pizzazz!
  • Both options are available in a wide variety of colors.
  • Both both provide a measure of safety and comfort that bare concrete never can.

Give your home an upgrade and beautify the space with fresh and clean flooring by Garage Designs of St Louis.

(Racedeck flooring installation video by Garage Designs – timelapse)

Epoxy Flooring is Classic & Very Durable

Say goodbye to oil spots, stains, and unsightly cracks in that slab of concrete beneath your cars.

But while big-box flooring kits tended to peel and crack, as epoxy garage floor installers, we recommend using the best epoxy for garage floors as it actually seeps into and bonds with the concrete – making your new garage floor virtually impervious to damage.

We take great care to prepare each garage floor – using commercial grade grinders – prior to application.

  • It’s all about the prep!
  • Then the base coat is applied.
  • Followed by the color flecks and clear coats.

And voila! Your garage floor is looking beautiful.

Epoxy Flooring Examples

Epoxy Flooring Coating

Floorguard Epoxy Flooring

As an epoxy floor company, we believe this is the best epoxy for garage floors.

  • High quality, extremely durable
  • Easy to clean flooring system
  • Comes in a variety of colors and finishes
  • Offers the best in value and protection.
  • Resists fading from UV exposure
  • Exceptional color and gloss retention
  • Does not support bacterial growth
  • Excellent bonding properties
  • Fast cure — hours, not days
  • Easy to clean


RaceDeck Flooring – Because Your Floor Deserves The Best

When in doubt, floor it … with RaceDeck flooring for your garage!

RaceDeck flooring offers modular floor tiles that snap together and can be arranged in any pattern. Want to compliment your car or decorate your space with your favorite team colors?

It’s all up to you!

RaceDeck Garage Floors

RaceDeck Flooring Options

Solids, stripes, checkers – whatever suits your style. RaceDeck garage flooring is available in multiple sizes squares, 9 styles and 14 colors. Because it floats on top of the existing floor, RaceDeck flooring is the perfect choice for imperfect concrete. It also works in basements, workshops, showrooms, and more.

RaceDeck flooring – made in the USA – is also backed by a 15-year warranty.

RaceDeck is:

  • Engineered to withstand the toughest mechanical environments.
  • Resistant to oil, petroleum products, antifreeze, and chemicals.
  • Built to handle extreme rolling load capacities.
  • UV stable.
  • Engineered to be used on any flat surface both indoors and out.
  • Easy to clean – just hose it off.

Garage Designs offers RaceDeck flooring for the do-it-yourself installer or can happily install the garage flooring for you in St. Louis.

RaceDeck Flooring Examples

What Our Customers Say About Us!

Ready To Upgrade Your Garage Floor?

Whether you need durability, color, or even a floor to match your car – count on Garage Designs.

You’ll receive a fully customized flooring job that will give your garage the character it deserves and increase your home value simultaneously.  Browse our showroom.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best flooring for a garage?

There are two types of recommended garage flooring: modular tile flooring that installs on top of the existing concrete floor or a concrete coating that is applied directly on the concrete, such as an epoxy.

How much does it cost to epoxy garage floor?

The cost is base on the square footage of the space.

What if my concrete floor is in bad shape (i.e. large cracks, pitting, and uneven concrete)?

In some cases, we recommend removing and replacing the existing concrete garage floor. We will assess the condition of the floor upon visiting your garage and will recommend the best solution.