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To truly honor and showcase the cars you’re proud of, you must display them on a beautiful surface. And to enhance your enjoyment of working on cars, you must have a pleasant workspace. Racedeck flooring has been around for decades because car enthusiasts trust their products, like yourself, for tough, professional performance.

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Take It From a Garage Organization Company

Transform your garage into a place you’ve always dreamed of, with a little help from Garage Designs of St. Louis. We have a passion for working on, and collecting cars, so we know a fun space can enhance the hobby. Bring your garage experience up to the standards you want and deserve.

Since your needs are different from Joe’s down the street, it’s difficult to say which garage flooring solution is the right choice. Following the principle that form follows function, we’d first ask you the functions of your garage. What do you use it for?

It’s well-known that RaceDeck makes the very best garage floor tiles. Have them installed right over your dirty, cracked surface, and you have a new floor, just like that—no more puddles, stains, or damage.

They’re resistant to petroleum, oil, antifreeze, and other chemicals while being beautiful and reasonably priced. With their self-draining option, you don’t have to worry about slipping anymore.

RaceDeck Flooring Explainedgarage flooring

The modular tile has been an exciting innovation in the garage flooring realm, and RaceDeck is the leader with over 30 years of experience. Choose from several colors, sizes, and shapes, and levels of toughness.

RaceDeck product gives you a showroom-quality garage floor with the ability to hold rolling loads of 80,000 pounds, thanks to its unique design and substructure. This flooring is perfect for garages, basements, shop floors, commercial garages, trade show exhibit floors, and even aircraft hangars.

RaceDeck garage flooring is engineered to hold up against tough mechanical workspaces. It’s resistant to oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, gasoline, and harsh household chemicals.

Since they interlock, RaceDeck flooring tiles can be easily removed by unlocking them with a putty knife. They can also be cut, if needed, using a table saw, jigsaw, or a utility knife. As far as smell goes, they emit no toxic VOCs into your air, as no adhesives are required to install this flooring.

RaceDeck will put your vehicles in the spotlight, whether they’re cars or motorcycles. Only your imagination can limit you as you create your perfect work or display environment. It’s your man (or woman) cave, after all, so make it your own.

Choosing RaceDeck Garage Flooring Tiles

You want selection, and different colors of the same type of flooring as other companies offer. It would be best if you had more, and RaceDeck has it. Choose from several collections that can create many different styles, whether you want something unique, modern, retro, or a clean, simple look.

RaceDeck Diamond and RaceDeck XLRaceDeck back of tile

Pick RaceDeck’s Diamond line for the classic look. It’s durable, and the diamond substructure has a protection layer called TuffShield. This will keep your tiles looking awesome for many years to come, and they’re 100% recyclable!

If you’d like the standard size, 12″ x 12″, RaceDeck diamond won’t let you down. But if you’d like something larger, RaceDeck XL is 18″ x 18″, which is just as strong as the standard line. Both RaceDeck Diamond and XL come in 13 different colors.

RaceDeck Free-Flow

If you want to show off your wheels in the garage, Diamond flooring works great; but we don’t recommend it if liquids are an issue. If you live in an area with a lot of precipitation, then Free-Flow would be a better choice. It doesn’t allow pools of water to form, giving you that extra protection to combat moisture.

RaceDeck Free-Flow XLC

If you want to take Free-Flow to the next level, turn it up to 11 with XLC. Free-Flow XLC is oversized at 18″ x 18″. It has a self-draining surface and slip-resistant technology.

These tiles are thicker than RaceDeck’s other tiles, measuring 3/4″. While these only come in one color, they’ll still interlock with any of their other tile collections.

CircleTrac & Harley Davidson

harley davidson Racedeck garage flooring

If you like the look of a penny tile, you’ll dig these CircleTrac tiles from RaceDeck. They’re slip-proof and unique-looking with raised circles to add traction. They measure 12″ x 12″ x 1/2″ and come in 13 colors.

Their Harley Davidson collection is a little bit different. They come in the 3 familiar Harley Davidson colors, Black, Orange, and Alloy, and don the company’s classic logo. These are perfect for a motorcycle enthusiast or anyone with respect for the company.

RaceDeck Display Tiles

Now, don’t get us wrong. You can display your cars or motorcycles beautifully on any of RaceDeck’s tiles and still get the oohs and aahs. But of all the RaceDeck flooring collections, the following are created especially for displaying your rides (or accenting your other tiles).

Smoked Oak

If you want something unique, you’ve got it with Smoked Oak. Expect a luxury vinyl tile that resembles oak wood planks yet has the strength to handle a car. These are available in the standard 12″ as well as 36″ x 36″ if you’re going for a seamless look.

RaceDeck Pro

If you love the polished aluminum look, go for RaceDeck Pro tiles for your garage. They preserve that rugged style yet catch the eye and really make your cars and motorcycles stand out. Try mixing these with other collections for a look that’s all your own.

More Styles and Accessories

Part of the fun is picking out your upgrades and accessories, should you choose to add them. For example, you might want some areas of the garage to have a commercial-grade carpet, such as Snap-Carpet, for a strong, long-lasting tile that interlocks with others.

Give your feet a rest with RaceDeck’s anti-fatigue panel called ShockTower. Or add sleek parking guide tiles with AccuPark. Even get yourself an instant outdoor floor with the FastDeck series of sturdy 24″ x 12″ tiles (standalone product not compatible with other lines). And don’t worry, FastDeck tiles are resistant to many petroleum products and chemicals, just as RaceDeck’s flagship lines.

Garage Organization Companies Near Me

garage flooringGarage Designs of St. Louis wants to be your go-to, professional garage organizer and flooring installer. DIY can be fun, but you’ll want to save that time for your toys, not your floors. Trust us to get it right from the initial design to the very last tile, so you don’t have to search for a specialty store only to pay marked-up RaceDeck flooring prices.

Garage Organizing Services Near Me

Sure, you can hire someone through Craigslist or the like, but it’s a gamble on their skills and trustworthiness. You’ll want a professional service, with lots of experience to handle an important job like this. After all, it’s a heavily used room, not a place to throw your junk.

Professional Garage Organizers Near Me

We’re also epoxy garage flooring installers, as well as garage floor coating contractors. Let us know what look you’re going for or if you see something on our site that catches your eye. As car enthusiasts ourselves, we know you only want the best for your babies.

We Love This Eye-Catching & Tough Garage Flooring

RaceDeck’s polypropylene tiles are reasonably priced yet add class and durability to your garage. Whether you’re a car guy/gal who wants to display your old classic or someone who wants the perfect garage workshop environment, RaceDeck flooring will enhance your experience.

As a garage organization business, we want to help you have the best experience with your hobby. Before you search “garage organizing services near me,” “professional garage organizers near me,” or “garage organization companies near me,” remember that we’re here for you in the St. Louis area if you need us.

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