A Guide to Residential Garage Flooring

Racedeck Garage Flooring

One of the most used rooms in your home sometimes isn’t the room you think it is. One of the most commonly used rooms in your home is your garage. The garage usually comes in at 5th, 6th, or 7th for the room most used depending on if you keep games, electronics, or just vehicles in it.

If you’ve been thinking about getting new garage flooring for this very reason, you’ll be interested to know more about RaceDeck flooring. This informative residential guide has been put together just for you to go over the details and specifics of RaceDeck flooring. Garage flooring is often overlooked when upgrading or redoing a garage.

Yet there are so many varieties of flooring available to you in today’s world it’s a shame not to consider them in your next residential garage upgrade. RaceDeck flooring is one of the upgraded garage floors that comes in a variety of colors that can give your garage energy or comfort whichever you prefer. In addition, Racedeck flooring provides a measure of safe comfort that you may never have had before with any of your previous garage floorings.

Read on to discover all you may want to consider before you move forward with your garage floor creation or renovation.

Racedeck Flooring

RaceDeck Garage FloorsWhen you’re deciding what kind of flooring you want to put down in your garage, it doesn’t matter whether you’re putting down entirely new flooring or redoing an old one. The only thing that matters is you select a garage floor option that gives you everything you want in color, versatility, design, and longevity. The best place to start if you’re considering RaceDeck Flooring is understanding the definition of what RaceDeck flooring is and all it brings to your garage.

RaceDeck garage flooring was created and engineered for one purpose and one purpose only. RaceDeck garage flooring will withstand dirt, grime, oil, scratches, and more and still look showcase ready. No matter what tough garage environment you have it in, it will stand the test of traffic and time with resilient longevity.

RaceDeck flooring added even more benefits to their garage flooring packages when they decided to add classic designs like the Diamond or CircleTrac® look for your garage space. If you add nine more styles and fourteen more color combinations, you’ll find you can choose from so many beautiful and classic designs you may think you’ve hit the garage lotto in both looks and cost.

What’s the Big Deal About Modular Flooring?

If your garage floor fails the aesthetics test and looks like a safety hazard that has had everything spilled or leaked onto it since the beginning of time, modular flooring was invented for you. Homeowners are now seeing the home value benefit through the options available in upgrading their garages. The first place almost every homeowner starts with a DIY garage project is with their flooring.

RaceDeck garage flooring was engineered for that very purpose. It was engineered to take your sad-looking garage space and turn it into the RaceDeck patented garage tile showplace. Your RaceDeck custom-designed flooring materials are installed on top of your existing floor.

There is no doubt there’s a lot of options out there from different colors of paints and epoxies to re-plastering concrete. But modular garage flooring seems like the flooring of the future because of its easy installation and durability. You don’t need tools to install it, there isn’t any mess or toxic fumes to deal with and you now have a safe and showcase-worthy garage look that didn’t cost a showcase price.

Garage Floor Choices

There are other choices besides Modular flooring you can make for your garage flooring needs. It’s also fair that to present those options to you within this residential guide so you have the latest and greatest information on the different types of garage flooring you may want to consider. The three most common garage flooring options are usually:

  • Epoxy Options
  • RaceDeck Options, and
  • Polyaspartic Options

Those sound like science project names you may never understand, but in reality, they represent luxury garage flooring options you may want everyone you know to see.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring can withstand almost any chemical, abrasive product material or impact that comes at it. It is truly a remarkable garage floor product because not only does it guard against almost all damage, it also has a safety feature in its texture that helps prevent you from slipping. Epoxy flooring does have to be put on concrete that’s free of cracks and gaps.

That requires some upfront grinding and concrete smoothing until all the cracks and gaps are filled and smoothed out. It’s then the epoxy is poured on the concrete, and its a sight to see it seep into the concrete. Whatever color you chose emanates and after it’s dry two coats of clear, chemical resistant and UV stable topcoat are added.

Those two topcoats ensure you never have any discoloration and with it’s easy to clean with a damp mop user-friendly system, it should last you years and years.

RaceDeck Flooring

The RaceDeck garage flooring option leaves almost all the other garage floor options in the dust. There’s nothing like it. It offers the best garage flooring product listed in the residential guide for garage floors.

That’s because the RaceDeck option can be done as a DIY install through its patented and positive locking system that snaps together very easily. There’s no hard to pour epoxy here. You just have to fit the pieces together and snap them in place.

You also don’t need to do any prep work for your garage floor surface. The RaceDeck option covers up everything you want to be covered up including gaps, cracks, stains, and more. That saves you a lot of time and money.

A major benefit to RaceDeck garage floor tiles is they are made with high-quality copolymers that can withstand up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If you add the jazzy styles and colors, you can choose from and the fact it can withstand loads of over 80,000 pounds, you have a winning garage floor tile.

Polyaspartic Flooring

http://www.seal-krete.com/Polyaspartic flooring has such a high-gloss smooth finish you could almost use it as a mirror. Polyaspartic coating can be put on in a day, and you only have to put it on once with one coat. It comes in a beautiful variety of colors and its high shine and sparkle make the dingiest of garages look amazing.

What’s more, it has three times more impact resistance than Epoxy. You can throw salt chemical on it from frigid days or melted rubber from hot summer days, and you can still wipe everything off easily. Even better, it pours and dries in a few hours and you don’t have any of those nauseating chemical odors while using the product.

Which Garage Flooring Option is the Best?

It’s hard to say which garage flooring option is the best because everyone’s needs are different in their garage based on what they use their garage for. There’s little to no doubt the best garage floor tiles are from RaceDeck. RaceDeck tiles are self-sufficient and not impacted by anything underneath them like moisture or damaged concrete.

RaceDeck has a self-draining option that doesn’t become slippery when wet. You don’t even have to worry about acid washing or prepping the surface before you lay the tiles. What’s more, they’re resistant to petroleum, oil, antifreeze and other chemicals while being beautiful and reasonably priced.

RaceDeck is sold in 12, 24, or 48 tiles. Each tile has a high impact copolymer that’s non-toxic, versatile, and very durable. What people who purchased RaceDeck like best is they can model their garage any way they choose in combination with these eclectic and customized garage design tiles. Every homeowner has matched their bold RaceDeck tile with paint colors for their garage walls or trims and created garages that make a statement.

The Next Garage Floor Step You Take

The next step you take in replacing your garage floor should take into account three things. It should take into account the design you want, the time you have to do the project yourself or have it done and the price you’re willing to spend on it. Every type of garage flooring option discussed above including RaceDeck Flooring has benefits and attributes you need to consider.

Many people will do anything to avoid the inconvenience of not being able to use their garage for a few days which takes epoxy off the table. Yet others don’t want anything that’s so slippery they’ll worry every time they walk on it. RaceDeck integrates the need for beauty and class with functionality and a reasonable price.

Reach out to us for a free onsite consultation when you need a garage pro and are interested in learning more about how to transform your garage into an oasis of class and functional style. That’s what RaceDeck tile does best. It brings together design, time, and budget and helps you create the garage flooring you’ve always envisioned but never been able to have – until now.


Not only can we help you choose the best flooring for your garage, but we can also recommend the best ways to organize all your garage essentials. From storage walls to cabinets and more, we have everything you need for a functional garage you’ll love. So for garage flooring ideas and beyond, visit our showroom or contact us for a free estimate!


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