Garage Organization

Your Life. Your Hobbies. Your Garage.

There is no better garage then an organized garage!  And whether you want a simple upgrade or a complete overhaul, know that we’ve been serving St. Louis homeowners with the best in garage organization products and services, since 2002.

We Proudly Serve All Homeowners

We’re privileged to have met and served many types of homeowners over the years, including busy moms, detailed organizers, and car enthusiasts. And through every project; we found one common theme; we were able to help each of them improve their lives and property value by bringing their garage dreams to life; all on time and within budget.

The Busy Mom

The Busy Mom

We understand you. There aren’t enough hours in a day. Between running kids to practice, laundry piling up, errands to accomplish – there is much to juggle. We believe your kids would love their own space.

We can help!

Ideas to Consider…
  • Finish Off Walls
  • Open Lockers for Kids
  • Cabinets for Shoes and Toys
  • Storewall To Hang Bikes
  • An Epoxy Floor

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The Organizer

The Organizer

We admire you. You are a super-organized person who likes everything in order.  You may also be a working professional that keeps a tight schedule and expects a garage that is in order, just like your home.

We can help!

Ideas to Consider…
  • Finish Off Walls
  • Cabinets to Organize
  • Overhead Garage Storage
  • A Clean Epoxy Floor
  • Brighter Lighting

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The Car Enthusiast

The Car Enthusiast

From one car enthusiast to another, we understand your vision of your garage as a haven to store and work on your collection: tool storage, better lighting, and a spiffy floor for quality garage time.

We can help!

Ideas to Consider…
  • Finish Off Walls
  • A Workbench
  • Enhanced Lighting
  • An Epoxy Floor
  • A Heater
  • 2-Car Lift

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Why Choose Us?

While our 5-star reviews are the best testament, consider our experience, products, and services.

Our Experience

We’ve implemented more than 100 garage enhancement projects per year since 2002. Garage organization is a real passion, not a hobby.

Our Products

We offer exceptional, top-of-the-line products, from flooring to storage to custom cabinets made here in St. Louis. And because we’re not a franchise, you are free to think out of the box, not be forced into cookie-cutter plans.

Our Services

You’ll experience 5-star service, managed by a real, experienced garage guy and car lover. You are in great hands.

What Our Customer Say

Truth Is, No Dream Garage is Beyond Our Ability

And have peace knowing we’ll only use the best of garage organization products for your home.

Need Some Inspiration?

Whether you see something in our gallery or have your own ideas, we’d love to brainstorm with you.

Just Looking for Some Helpful Insight?

We get it.  Check out these valuable resources to help guide you.

Free Garage Improvement Guide

Our garage improvement guide will walk you through all the options on simplifying your life with an organized garage.

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Who Are We?

We’ve been proudly serving St. Louis homeowners since 2002.  Perry DiCampo, our owner, isn’t just another garage organization contractor. He’s a real car enthusiast who spends much of his spare time in his garage. Perry and our team take great pride in every project with meticulous installations. Perry will be hands-on and oversee your specific project, so be at peace you’re getting the very best in experience and the support you deserve.

A Note From Perry

“I’ve been working and ‘playing’ in garages since I was 14 years old, either tinkering on cars or building workbenches and cabinets to store car parts, tools, hardware, and other garage goodies. My own garage reflects my fervor for this underutilized home space, complete with stereo, vintage signs, and a ’60’s muscle car. I have a passion for making a once worn-out garage into a functional, high-performance space that fits your needs and personality.” – Perry

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any others, please contact us as we’re here to help!

How long does a typical garage organization project take?

Most projects are completed within two or three days.

What is the best flooring for a garage?

There are two types of recommended garage flooring: modular tile flooring that installs on top of the existing concrete floor or a concrete coating that is applied directly on the concrete, such as an epoxy.

What are the best kind of cabinets for a garage?

Because garages are exposed to the elements, wood is not a good choice for garages. We recommend melamine or aluminum cabinets for garages. They withstand temperature changes without splitting or cracking and hold up well under the elements.

How do I organize my garage on a tight budget?

First, purge everything that you do not or will not need. Next, focus on the greatest priority. IF that means getting stuff off the floor to park your car, we will start there. Slatwall systems give you a lot of bang for your buck. Overhead storage platforms convert unused space to useful storage space.

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