3 Ways To Finally Organize Your Garage

Unorganized Garage

Organizing your garage can be a daunting task, but with the right garage storage tips you can declutter your space once and for all. Here are some ways you can create a great space for your car along with whatever else you’d like to fit (and find) in your garage.

Garage Storage Solutions to Help You Get Organized

Many of us are so busy that we toss yard tools, kids’ toys, camping equipment and more wherever it fits in the garage. This ends up creating a huge eyesore, not to mention the impossible task of finding anything. Try using these garage storage tips to fit everything in an easy to access area that looks great too.

Organized Garage by Garage Designs using StoreWALL

Hang Everything on the Wall

If you’re propping up shovels against the wall, stacking paint cans, and storing tools in your wheelbarrow, just stop. A garage slat wall provides the perfect solution for hanging everything from lightweight tools to heavy lawn equipment in an easy-to-reach place.

Garage Designs offers StoreWALL, an ultra-strong wall-mounted storage system created from tongue and groove panels that allows you to hang sturdy shelving for paints and cleaners, wire baskets for balls, and even multiple bicycles! StoreWALL garage slat walls are easy to clean, termite-proof, weather-proof and available in various colors and finishes.

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Hide Clutter Behind Closed Doors

Garage storage cabinets are the perfect solution for getting your stuff organized. Whether you have woodworking tools to store above your workbench, holiday display lights that you want to hide during the off-season, or gardening gear that you need to easily access this spring, we can create custom sized cabinets to fit your needs. Once everything is in its place behind doors, you can label your garage cabinets so you never have to wonder what you put where.

Car Lifts by Garage Designs

Store More Cars in Your Garage

Are you a car collector or like to tinker in restoring vintage vehicles? Those hobbies can take up lots of room on your garage floor, making it a tight squeeze to get in and out of the car you drive. By having a garage car lift installed, you can store your prized Porsche or any automobile that you plan to work on in the future up off the floor. Just tell us whether you want a four-post lift for two or more vehicles or a two-post lift for a single car.

We Love to Discuss Garage Storage Solutions!

If you’re still staring around your garage overwhelmed at all the clutter, follow these garage organization tips to get started in organizing your stuff, then call us! We enjoy helping St. Louis residents maximize their garage space, so during a free consultation we will discuss your project needs, mention garage storage systems that may work for your family, measure your space, answer your questions, and provide an estimate. Before you know it, you’ll have everything you need in a place that makes sense. We can’t wait to hear from you!



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