5 Signs You’re Way Past-Due for a Deep Garage Cleaning (And Some Tips to Get You Started)

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According to a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal, only 11% of homeowners are happy with their garages. This leaves a whopping 89% of us who would really like to get in there and get our garages in order.  And guess what? Winter and spring are both perfect times to get to garage cleaning.

Garages can easily become a major dump zone. From tools to camping gear, sports equipment to unused appliances, Christmas decorations to garden tools… All this can add up to the point where you cannot find anything, and your garage looks like a nightmare.

But! Instead of this shambles, your garage has the potential to look like a combination between a showroom and an organizational hot-spot. All you need is some motivation to start.

Which is why we are going to be talking about the top 7 signs that it is time for a deep garage clean. We also have a few tricks and tips for storage methods that you can implement in your garage so that it stays pristinely organized after your deep clean.

Read on to find out what these are.

1. You’re Parking Your Car Outside

Did you know that up to three-quarters of people don’t park their cars inside their garage? A study conducted in LA revealed that up to 75% of participants were unable to park their cars inside… Because their garage was overflowing with stuff.

If this is your situation, then it is way past time you did a deep garage clean. Parking your vehicle outside will cause your whole car to age. Even the interior! This is why it is essential that you get your wheels back into the garage ASAP.

Sort Out and Chuck Out

If things are so bad that your car is parked in the driveway, then the first and oldest of the garage cleaning tips is to sort through the stuff in the garage and chuck out whatever is no longer serving you.

Chances are your car is much more valuable to you than a lot of the stuff in your garage, and you may find that you can free up quite a lot of space in your garage by simply getting rid of things that you don’t need.

Get a Car Lift

If you have a large number of valuable items that you need to store in your garage, and not chuck out, then you can also consider getting a car lift.

If you are a car buff, then there are many advantages to a car lift. Firstly you will free up extra space in your garage. Secondly, your vehicle is kept out of harm’s way. Thirdly, you can use the car lift when making repairs or alterations to the under-body of your car.

Lastly, if you have been eyeing up a new model, but are holding off on a purchase because you don’t have space to park it… a car lift is your solution.

2. You Can’t Find a Damn Thing

Okay. You can park inside your garage – but you can never find anything.

This is another sign that you are in need of a clean garage. Even more importantly, you need to find some ways to organize your garage. This is crucial, otherwise, after your spring clean, the garage will simply revert back to its dumping zone status.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started on creating a streamlined organizational system for your garage.

Storage Boxes (That Are Not on Piles)

Lug boxes are great for categorizing and compartmentalizing items and equipment in the garage. You can neatly contain a lot of different stuff in lug boxes, and then clearly label them so that you can see at a glance what each box contains.

The problem with lug boxes comes in when it is time to stack them out of the way. Stacking lug boxes is not a great way to store them. Why? Because every time you need to access a box, you have to unpack the whole pile. This can easily lead to items being stuffed into the top box when you are in a hurry – and just like that your organizational system falls flat.

To avoid this you need to either buy or make a simple system of shelves that allows you to pull each lug box out. Almost like a drawer.

If you are pressed for wall space you can also mount ‘rails’ on your ceiling, that are spaced so that you can slide the lug boxes onto them for some easily accessible hanging storage.

If you have ever struggled with storing Christmas decorations or stashing the kid’s sports equipment – then these systems will make your life a whole lot easier.

3. If You Park Your Car Inside, You Lie Awake Worrying That Something Will Fall on It

If you are fortunate enough to fall into the 25% of people who can park their cars in their garages, you may still be worried about stuff falling on it, thanks to a crowded and cluttered garage. Is your car surrounded by teetering piles of boxes and loose items? Do you have to turn sideways and suck in your stomach to reach the door?

If so, then this is another urgent sign that you need to get in there and sort things out so that your prized vehicle is safe from dents and scrapes.

Here are a couple of garage cleaning tips to get you started.

Get Handy with Hooks

One of the easiest ways to safely store long items that are likely to fall on your car is to hang them up.

Installing wall hooks will allow you to hang things like rakes, other garden tools, pool cleaning equipment, and even bicycles.

Make a Magnetic Shelf

Another way to ensure that nothing falls onto your car is to magnetize things down! If you have or are installing a shelf that is right above your vehicle, consider using a magnetized board to create your own magnetized shelf.

4. It Has Become Impossible to Undertake DIY Projects

You used to love DIY… back when you had a free workbench and knew where your tools are…

If this rings true in any way, you definitely need to get garage cleaning and organizing. Not being able to access your tools or have space to work it not only frustrating, but it also leads to other projects never being undertaken.

Here are a couple of solutions for getting your tools where you can lay your hands on them.

Get Serious with Pegboard

Installing a sheet of pegboard is a great way to organize your tools. Using pegboard is ideal in that once your tools are hung up, you will have a visual on them, and will instantly be able to lay your hand on whatever is on the pegboard.

Let Slatboard Save Your Sanity

The upgrade to the pegboard is a slatboard. A slatboard has similar capabilities to the pegboard, but it is much stronger. It also looks better, closely resembling a painted tongue in groove wall.

You can also use a slatboard to organize things beyond just tools. It is strong enough to hold up a lawnmower, and easy slide-able hooks allow you to easily add things to the system.

So if you have an organization nightmare going on, let slatboard save your sanity.

5. You Hate Opening the Door for Fear the Neighbors Can See In

Opening the garage door fills you with a sense of dread. You begin to time your drives for moments when nobody is likely to be about… You use the side door whenever possible… You are contemplating building a wall!

As exaggerated as this sounds, it might be truer than you think. In fact, it is rumored that up to 24% of people are embarrassed to have others see inside their garage when they open the door!

If this is you, then it is time to change up the scene in there. The average garage door opens and closes 1,500 times per year. Let’s make your garage something to be proud of when time this happens.

Invest in a StoreWALL

If you want to have a garage that looks great – but you don’t have time to build DIY organizational systems – then getting a storewall installed is a great option.

A storeWALL utilizes the slatboard system and comes with multiple module parts such as suspended storage bins, shelves, hooks, and rails to easily mount and suspend lug boxes.

A storeWALL is the 2.0 version of slatboard, and if you get it installed by the professionals you can have a one-stop organizational system up and going in a matter of days. With almost no labor in your part.

Garage Cleaning Does Not Have to Be Hard

If you cringe every time you think about your garage or you need to go in there and get something, you are not alone.

But, it doesn’t have to be like this. If you know that it is time for a deep garage cleaning, then there is nothing stopping you from achieving a showroom-like garage. One in which you have everything at your fingertips – and your car is the star of the show. Not an ousted extra.

If you want to get your garage looking amazing in no time at all – then check out our services. We specialize in everything it takes to create a standout garage.



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