7 Best Ways to Organize Your Garage and Breathe Life Into Your Space

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For many people, a garage is where they store their things, and they don’t put much thought into it. Yet, if you think about it, your garage could be so much more. If you’ve been contemplating organizing your garage and transforming the space into something that you can use, then we have all the advice you need!

A garage doesn’t have to be an extra junk room. It can be a space that you truly utilize. All you need to do is take some time to organize your garage and breathe new life into it!

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on the seven best ways you can organize your garage for all your unique needs.

What is the Best Way to Organize a Garage?

If you’re still on the fence about organizing your garage and not sure where to start, then you should think about what the goals for your garage are.

Do you want to park cars in your garage? Are you looking for space to work on projects? Do you need more home storage, or are you looking for a place to relax after a long day?

Having a garage is something that you shouldn’t take for granted, which is why you should make sure that you’re taking full advantage of it. If you’re not using it the way that you see fit, then the organization should be a priority.

So how do you start organizing a garage? Contacting a garage organization contractor can help you get started without doing all the heavy lifting and creative thinking.

1. Install Flooring

Race deck flooring tileWhen trying to breathe new life into your garage space, you’re going to want to start by improving the flooring. New flooring can change the way your garage looks and feels. Especially if you’re looking to turn your garage into a man cave or she-shed, then new flooring is a must.

A garage will typically come with the standard concrete flooring. Yet, you’re going to want to change that up.

Epoxy flooring is a go-to for most new garage floorings. Adding epoxy floor coating to your garage will bond with the concrete and make it harder to damage. You’ll find that epoxy is also very easy to clean, especially when things like grease stains or other liquids find their way onto the floor.

Racedeck is another popular option for garage floors. It looks very sleek and attractive, which is why many people will choose this route for their garage.

2. Add Cabinets

Garage CabinetsAdding garage cabinets is one of the best garage organization ideas because they look appealing, and they help to hide the things you store in your garage.

Cabinets work in garages no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you looking to make an awesome craft room? Store your tools? Hide your Christmas decorations until next year?

If so, then garage storage cabinets will work for you! Adding cabinets to your garage will require some work as you’re not going to want prebuilt cabinets.

Customized cabinets that fit into each nook and cranny of your garage will help make it look great and maximize storage space.

You’ll even find that these types of cabinets can store more than small things. Custom cabinets can hold patio furniture, vacuums, or any other large item that you’re looking to hide away in your garage.

3. Install Storage

Besides cabinets, you’re going to want a bit more garage shelf organization. That’s where your garage walls come in handy!

Shelves, hooks, and brackets are used to store and organize your items right on the walls of your garage. Doing this is perfect for people who need a visual. You’ll be able to see everything when you need it, yet you can also put it back in its place when you’re finished with it.

Having a place for everything in your garage will help to make sure that it doesn’t get lost to clutter ever again. Using your walls to store items will also make it, so you don’t have any clutter taking up your floor space.

Ensure that you use the walls in your garage to your advantage, but do it in a way that looks appealing by using a product like storeWALL.

4. Add Car Lifts

Car LiftIf you’re looking to park your cars in your garage, then you’re going to want to find a way to increase space. Installing a residential car lift can help you add more space to enjoy your garage’s full potential.

A car lift will make it so that you can lift the car that you do not drive daily and keep the one down below that you do. You might even want to park your daily car in the driveway and keep another car you like to work on down below.

The options are endless, yet a car lift gives you more space and possibilities.

The requirements for a car lift are that you need at least a ten-foot-high garage, and you’ll want to make sure that the car you park on top is small enough to fit too! If you meet the requirement for a car lift, then you’ll find that this is a very successful way to add more room and efficiency to your space.

5. Improve Lighting

No one can see well in garage lighting, so something you need to do to upgrade your space is to improve the lighting. There are tons of different options you can do to get the best light into your garage.

You’ll want to make sure that your garage lighting is bright, efficient, and easily accessible. Many people opt for energy-efficient LEDs as they’re shiny, easy to use, and save you money. You’ll find that this type of light will light up your entire garage.

Be sure to find a light fixture that fits your needs. Especially if you’ll be working in a specific area in your garage, then you’ll want that space to be even more bright.

You might also want to consider the areas you will be living in if you’re planning a man cave or she-shed. You might want to choose a softer light feature or something more interesting.

6. Drywall and Paint

Adding drywall and paint isn’t something that you’re going to think about when organizing and revamping your garage, yet it is a necessity.

When you hire someone to do the job, then they will take care of it for you! Plus, a fresh coat of paint is going to breathe life into your space and make it feel brand new.

You might find that your garage walls are yellowing or falling apart. Garage organization contractors will replace any battered drywall.

Installing drywall and painting is one of the first organizational steps. It is also a pretty important one, especially if you’re looking to revamp your space for something fun and functional.

You can even have contractors add insulation to your garage during this process. Adding insulation can be helpful to keep the heat inside during the wintertime. You’ll find that your garage’s temperature is more comfortable and consistent throughout each month of the year with added insulation.

7. Add Electrical and Heating

The last way to improve and organize your garage is by adding electrical and heat to your garage. You’ll want to leave wiring a finished garage to the contractors as they can get it done efficiently with no problems.

Having electricity in your garage is great for many reasons. Whether you want to use power tools, watch television, work on a sewing project, or anything else you can think of doing; then you’re going to want to have electricity.

Make sure that you have the proper outlets and anything else you will need while you’re organizing your space.

During this process, you can also add heat to your garage. Adding heat to your space will make it so that you can comfortably look for items when you need them in the winter.

When you have heat in your garage, you can make the room a comfortable and productive space for your family to hang out. It won’t matter if it is the middle of winter or summer because you’ll want to spend all your time in your new and organized garage.

Best Tips to Organize Your Garage

Finished Garage


As you can see, there are lots of unique ways to organize your garage so that you can start making genuine use out of the space. Don’t let an entire room in your home go to waste!

Getting your garage organized on your own can be a bit difficult. That’s why we’re here to help!

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