5 Garage Essentials You’re Missing and Need

Garage essentials

Whether you’ve just moved into your home, or you’ve been there for years, chances are your garage gets treated as a dumping ground. You probably have yard tools, boxes of out-of-season items, kids’ sports equipment, and power tools that take up a ton of floor space. 

Get Organized with These 5 Garage Essentials

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to park your car in the garage? With the right garage essentials, you can. Here are just a few that can help you get organized.

1. Seasonal Storage

It doesn’t make sense for your Christmas tree, sleds and snow blowers to take up floor space in the summer. Consider having overhead platforms mounted to the ceiling so you can have these things tucked away when you don’t need them, but easily accessible as soon as Thanksgiving is over. You can also use these platforms to store pool supplies as soon as school starts in the fall.

2. A Place for Playthings

Do your kids drop yard toys, lacrosse rackets and basketballs in the garage right in front of the door to get into the house? Instead of constantly tripping over the mess, look into custom garage cabinets that have ample room to store your stuff. You can fill them with labeled totes and cubbies of various sizes so your kids will know exactly where to put their toys and sports equipment, and you’ll have organized space behind closed doors to hide the clutter.

3. Hooks to Hang Yard Tools

When you’re ready to plant your garden, it would be nice to find what you need without sorting through piles of rakes, mops, and brooms. You need enough hooks in your garage to hold yard tools, hoses, watering cans and more. StoreWALL™ storage walls provide an innovative tongue and groove method of hanging hooks and baskets in your garage. The walls hold up to 100 pounds per square foot and come in various sizes and colors.

4. A Workbench

Whether you frequently work on cars, or you just enjoy woodwork, it’s important to have a safe place to work, especially when you’re using power tools. Plot out space in your garage where you can see yourself working, then clear that space and consult with a garage storage expert about the right size workbench for your needs. You should be able to put saws, grinders, sanders and other tools in a nearby cabinet, so they’re tucked away safely.

5. Well-Placed Electrical Outlets and Power Strips

Not only is it unsightly to have power cords and wires stretching across the garage; it’s dangerous. To avoid tripping over them when you get out of your car, make sure you have safe GFCI outlets and power strips located near your workbench. If your garage wasn’t built with convenient electrical access in mind, talk to a trusted electrician who can help.

Consult With Experts Who Can Help You Get Organized

 A Guide to Garage Organization & ImprovementYou don’t have to keep tripping over toys or searching for your shovel, and you certainly don’t have to keep parking your car in the driveway. Garage Designs provides professional garage storage solutions and can recommend cabinets and storage walls to get your garage back in order.

Before you start organizing, download your free copy of A Guide to Garage Organization & Improvement.



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