6 Simple Ideas for a Garage Makeover: Ordinary to Extraordinary

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Of course, you want your garage to be functional. You want it to be a place where you can park your car, organize and store your gear, and maybe even work on some projects here and there. But functional doesn’t have to be boring. Add a little style to your to your garage with a garage makeover.

A Garage Makeover to Take Your Space from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Get inspired with these 6 simple garage makeover ideas to transform your garage from ordinary to extraordinary.

Paint the Walls a Bright, Bold Color

All it takes to add some instant cheeriness to your garage is a fresh coat of paint. Choose a bright color that makes you happy or a bold hue that invigorates. If your garage walls have unfinished open studs, you may need to install drywall before painting.

To put the finishing touch on this simple garage rehab project, add some crown molding and baseboard. Pretty soon, your garage will look less like a parking space and more like a stylish home accessory.

Give Your Garage Some (Electrical) Power

Most garages have just one electrical outlet, which severely limits the number of tools (and toys) you can use in your garage. If you want to get more use out of your space, give it some power – electrical power, that is – by installing additional electrical outlets along the garage walls.

However, before your start this garage makeover project, be sure to consult an electrician or a garage designer to help you make sure your electrical outlets are well placed and plentiful.

Pump up the Fun in Multifunctional

While your garage mainly functions as a place to park your car, that doesn’t mean this space can’t be multifunctional.

Pump up the fun with a garage makeover that allows your garage to pull double duty as an entertainment hub. 

Think wall-mounted widescreen TV, surround sound speakers, built-in bar, pool table, modular seating…the list goes on. Garage Designs has everything you need to transform your garage into the man cave (or woman cave) of your dreams.  Get a load of this – a detached garage turned into a dining area (Oh the clever things people do).

Regulate the Temperature

If you’re going to be hanging out in your garage for any length of time (and we guarantee you will be after your garage rehab is complete), you’ll need to find a way to regulate the temperature.

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Due to its location in the interior United States, St. Louis, MO, often experiences extremes in temperatures. Installing garage insulation is one way to regulate the temperature in your St. Louis garage. You can also have ceiling fans installed to keep your garage cool in the summer, and electric heaters to warm you up when winter arrives.

Upgrade Your Floors

An easy way to liven up your garage is to replace your boring gray concrete floors with an epoxy floor coating or modular floor tiles. We know what you’re thinking: Why would I want to spend time and money on something that I walk on?

But you’d be surprised at the difference a garage flooring makeover can have on the overall look of your garage. Plus, never before has there been such a large range of garage flooring options available. Your floor can be custom designed with just about any color, texture, pattern, or design you want. The options are practically limitless.

Create an Entryway That Says “Welcome Home”

If your garage is the primary way you enter your home, why not treat the garage entryway as you would your front door? Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a welcoming entryway instead of a dingy old interior garage door? Paint the door a cheery color.

Add a welcome sign and maybe some potted plants. Decorate your garage entryway as you would a casual foyer or mudroom. For convenience, you can also create a small storage area nearby to hang coats, collect shoes, and keep often-used items like umbrellas and dog leash easily accessible.

Garage Designs Is Your Place In St. Louis For A Garage Makeover

Have these garage makeover ideas gotten you inspired to give your garage a facelift? Garage Designs of St. Louis can help you transform your ordinary garage into something extraordinary.

Let our team of garage experts help you transform your garage from ordinary to extraordinary. You are limited only by your imagination (and your budget). Schedule a free in-home estimate today and check out our latest deals for the season!


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