Restoring Order: What You Get With a Garage Organization Company


According to research, nearly one in four Americans say their garage is too cluttered to fit their car, and need a garage organization company to restore order. In your ongoing efforts to organize the interior of your home, have you delegated a majority of your odds and ends to this space? Especially if your home lacks storage space in the attic or basement, it’s easy to do.

A garage organization company is skilled in transforming this oft-cluttered room into a neat, systemized environment where it’s easy to find the things you need, and stow away the things you don’t.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at what our company can provide and why these services are a smart investment for any homeowner!

Hand-Crafted Cabinetry

Anyone can visit the local hardware store and pick up a set of builder-grade cabinets. Yet, the reality is these have a shorter lifespan than custom cabinetry.

While they might be more economical, the adage rings true that you get what you pay for. Especially in your garage, you need cabinets that are built to last, holding up to years of wear and tear. With a premium garage organization company, such as Garage Designs, you can rest assured that your cabinets are up to the test.

All of our commercial-grade garage cabinets are hand-crafted by a skilled and experienced cabinet maker. They also feature heavy-duty, industrial-strength hardware that won’t break apart under the demands of a busy family.

The result? A custom solution that fits your dimensions exactly and doesn’t waste an inch of space.

Looking for specialty-sized cabinets to store your extra-tall holiday decorations? What about oversized patio sets or off-season snow gear?

Trusting assembly-line cabinets to fit the job could leave you with a major headache down the road. Our cabinets are built according to your garage specs, so you can rest assured that your belongings will always fit.

They’re also available in a range of colors and patterns, designed to meet your personal aesthetic and design style. Those who prefer a more neutral, classic palette can choose from sleek white, gray, or maple cabinets. We also offer firey red cabinets, brushed aluminum finishes, and other special touches for those who want to make a bold impression.

To get a real-life look at the garage cabinetry solutions we provide, take a look at our virtual showroom!

Innovative Storage and Organization

slat wall storageIn addition to custom cabinetry, Garage Services also offers a top-tier, innovative garage storage solution, called storeWALL™.

Tired of the inefficiencies associated with traditional pegboard, you’ll appreciate the thought and craftsmanship put into this system.

The foundation of each storeWALL™ is a complete set of sold-core, tongue and groove panels, designed to hold a variety of tools and equipment with ease. Each plastic panel is termite-proof and weather-proof, meaning it will always look as great as the day you installed it, even though our region’s often-unpredictable weather! It’s also a cinch to clean, whether you choose to wipe it down or hose it off.

Like our cabinets, the storeWALL™ is also available in a wide range of designer colors and specialty woodgrains. This way, you can design your garage organization system and cabinetry to complement one another for a seamless, uniform look.

Concerned that the system won’t be durable enough to hold your heaviest items? Don’t be.

We designed the storeWALL™ to exceed homeowner expectations in terms of strength and sturdiness. Our exclusive CamLok™ technology keeps all of your items secure on the wall, from a lightweight screwdriver to a family set of bicycles or bulky spare tires. You can even install the boards on your garage ceiling, making that space more useful than ever before.

One of the best parts? When all of your garage necessities are on the wall, you’ll be able to free up valuable square footage on the floor of your garage! Especially if you’re used to parking outside while plastic bins fill up this space, the reorganization can make a world of difference.

Want to see the storeWALL™ in action? Check out this portfolio of images that reveal its unmatched durability.

Premium Car Lift Systems

Garage Designs - MakeoverDo you have more vehicles than garage space? For instance, you might have a teenage driver with a car, along with cars for you and your spouse.

You don’t have to draw straws to figure out who’s parking outside. Our team can install a car lift to instantly transition your two-car garage into a three-car garage! Whether you choose to use the extra space for more storage or an additional vehicle, the amount of room you’ll gain is incredible.

Our car lifts are safe and practical. They’re also user-friendly and fully customizable. After we install your car lift, we’ll provide detailed and easy instructions so you can operate the system with confidence and ease.

Want to add a two-post lift to store a car you’re working on or a collector’s vehicle you want to keep out of harm’s way? We can do it for you. We can also install a four-post lift capable of holding multiple vehicles at once. We’ll work with you every step of the way to understand your needs and build a tailored system that exceeds them.

Other Services Available Through a Garage Organization Company

RaceDeck FlooringIn addition to cabinetry and wall organization, what else can you expect when you hire a residential garage organization company? At Garage Services, we specialize in top-to-bottom transformations, offering a variety of services including:

Our owner comes on-site for every project, bringing along our team of experienced and qualified garage organization installers. We approach every project as if it were our own garage, ensuring no detail is ever missed.

While effectively organizing your garage might be top of mind, there are behind-the-scenes services that can help fortify this space and help it serve your family for years. Let’s take a look at a few of the other ways we can help turn this into your favorite room in the house.

Drywall and Insulation

Are the walls of your garage yellowed, battered, and falling apart?

If so, it’s best to correct them before installing any sort of storage system. Our team will replace worn-out drywall and install a fresh coat of paint throughout your entire garage, so it looks as bright and new as the day you first drove in.

Yet, before we spiffy up the space, we’ll work to make it as efficient as possible. If your garage stays cold or temperatures feel inconsistent, we can add insulation to make it more comfortable, throughout every season.

Whether your garage was never insulated at all or the insulation has weakened over the years, this simple step can help make the space more functional and enjoyable.


Are you used to running into your garage, sorting through bins to find what you need, them promptly heading back into the warmth of your house? If so, our heating services can change the way you use this area!

When your garage is heated, you’ll be more inclined to spend time there. When coupled with our cabinetry or storeWALL™ storage system, you’ll create a setup that you’ll never want to leave.

Lighting Upgrades

The typical overhead garage lighting that comes standard in most homes isn’t always sufficient. It’s difficult enough to find your tools as-is! If visibility is dismal, the process becomes that much more complicated.

Our experienced crew members can upgrade your garage lighting in a few steps. This way, you’ll actually enjoy working in your newly-organized spot! We’ll also install new outlets in more convenient locations. Giving you the perfect spot to charge your power tools, hook up television, or use your workbench.

We’ll also provide any required electrical upgrades to ensure your garage is up to industry and safety standards.

Contact Us For Your Garage Organization Needs

An effective garage organization requires more than simply buying containers from the big-box store and tossing your assorted tools inside. You need a system that allows you to see all of your gear at once, making each item fully accessible whenever you need it.

That’s where we come in. As the best garage organization company in St. Louis, we’re proud to offer a range of services that can help you make the most of your space. From cabinets and car lifts to our storeWALL™ system, we’ll help you understand how each option works so you can make the best decision for your family.

Feel free to take a closer look at any of our solutions on our website. Then, contact us for a free estimate to learn more and get started today!

And, if you live in the St. Louis area, we hope you’ll give us a call at 314-308-7780 to discuss your overhauling dreams. We’d like to extend $250 off your garage organization project, just for stopping by to visit our site today.


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