A Clean Garage: The Best Spring Checklist

garage spring cleaning checklist

Get Your Garage Ready for Summer

Don’t clean harder, clean smarter. We are right on the edge of spring, which means it’s time to start planning your spring cleaning. No one looks forward to this yearly chore, but it’s an important ritual if you want to keep things clean, organized, accessible, and in top shape. As you plan your cleaning strategy, don’t forget to spend some time in the garage. Once summer arrives, you’ll be glad that your garage looks great.

Make the most of your time and energy by following this simple garage spring cleaning checklist:

•  Pull your cars out of the garage so that you have more room to work.

 Gather together any cleaning/organizing supplies that you may need. These could include a broom and dustpan, a mop and bucket, lots of trash bags, and durable storage containers.

 Get your kids involved. Why not get the extra help and the chance to all do an activity outdoors together.

•  Divide the garage into zones or quadrants and tackle each one separately. It will assist in ensuring a truly deep clean garage in a shorter amount of time.

 For each zone, separate the items that are trash, items that you can sell or donate, items you wish to store elsewhere, and items to organize.

 Once the are area is entirely clear, sweep it thoroughly and mop if you feel it’s necessary. You should also sweep down the walls and ceiling to get rid of cobwebs.

 Before moving things back into zones, think about how they can best be organized for accessibility. You want to keep your lawnmower close at hand, but the snow shovel and rock salt  can probably get tucked into a corner until next winter.

 If any of your returning items are particularly dirty or gross, give them a quick hose and wipe down before you return them to your garage.

 Once everything has been moved back into the garage, pull the cars back in, and assess how everything fits. If space is tight, hard to move around, or hard to access things in, you might need to reorganize.

Eliminate Spring Cleaning with Garage Designs

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