Garage Storage for Back to School: Use Your Garage Space

storage for back to school

Use Your Garage Space

Easier for both parents and kids

Back to school time has a lot in common with Christmas. All of a sudden your home is filled with new stuff, and new stuff means new clutter. Your kids have piles of books, backpacks with loads of school supplies, sporting equipment, science fair equipment, and on and on. All of this stuff is important, but keeping it neat and organized is a challenge you have to deal with every afternoon. Below we’ve listed a few ways you can use your garage to provide smart storage for back to school.

Put Away the Summer

The first step is to clear up some space in your garage. Right now it is probably full of stuff you used over the summer – swimming essentials, vacation accessories, backyard games, etc. Identify the things you won’t need until the kids are back out of school and put them away for good. Try and store them in an out of the way place, either up high in your garage or even in an attic or basement.

Give Each Kid a Space

Using garage storage for back to school is all about making your life easier and less confusing. For that reason, it helps to give each one of your kids their own space in the garage rather than one shared space. It’s a lot easier to find books and folders when everyone’s stuff is not mixed together. Consider installing lockers, or something similar to a locker. They work as well in your home as they do in your child’s school.

Keep the Sporting Goods Separatestorage for back to school

If your kid regularly comes home with muddy cleats, sweaty jerseys, and dirty pads, your garage is a better place to keep them than your living room. Designate a specific part of your garage just for school sporting goods. That way important equipment doesn’t get lost, and you can simply grab the hose if something ever needs to get rinsed off.

Create a Surplus Storage Area For Back To School Items

If you are like a lot of parents you take advantage of back to school deals to stock up on everything your kid will need for the whole school year. That means you might have reams of paper, boxes of pens and markers, and unopened packages of socks that you will need eventually, but not now. Instead of trying to cram them in a closet somewhere, take advantage of your garage. A clean and out of the way space is the perfect spot for your surplus.  Create More Storage for Back to School Items with Garage Designs In St. Louis, MO  Tweet this

Create More Storage for Back to School with Garage Designs

If you want to take advantage of your garage but it already feels like it’s packed full, partner with the team at Garage Designs. We can show you clever ways to do more with the space you have, and create storage areas for back to school items. Before the school year starts, take advantage of some special deals for a limited time only.


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