5 Tips That Will Turn You Into a Garage Storage Pro

Garage optimization inspiration & garage storage ideas from Garage Designs St. Louis

Perhaps you think your garage is simply there as your car’s little house. A lot of people think so, too. That’s one way to look at it, but there’s really more to it than just being car storage. It can store almost anything.

Now, the problem is that not all of us have unlimited garage space for the tons and tons of things we want to store. Some them we don’t really even need, but we keep them anyway. Do you think you can solve that problem? Yes, you can thanks to these garage storage ideas we want to share with you!

The truth is that you just need to learn how to maximize what space you have in that messy little room.

A well thought out, organized garage can store much more than you'd think

Make your garage look and function better by following these garage storage ideas:

  1.   Clear your space. The very first thing you need to do is to clear the space as much as you can.  Take out all the power tools, fishing rods, spare tires, nets, toys, and other items. Then, start cleaning up. This way, you’ll see exactly how much space you really have. This will also help you gauge how much you can keep, and how much you can store.
  2.    Prioritize. You’ll probably get exhausted just by looking at all the stuff you’ve racked up through the years. It’s more than likely that you need to make a list. On that list, write down the things you need to keep, and those you can either dump, or give away.
  3.    Divide and conquer. Divide your space into different zones, and decide which group of items to put where. You’ll surely have a variety of things that you store in your garage, and others you may want to move elsewhere. Decide which groups can go together in a single space, and which ones should be placed somewhere else. PRO TIP: Make sure to keep things you use more frequently somewhere you can easily get to.
  4. Get storage help from Garage Designs St. Louis. This is arguably one of the best garage storage ideas to help you maximize the space you have. It’s easier to stack things if they’re in boxes, or if you have cabinets and shelving installed from us. Make sure they’re sturdy and well-built, just like all of the products we install. Otherwise, a falling hammer may hit you in the head ;). You might even want to try foldable tables, and racks that you can disassemble.


  5. Do this regularly. Maximizing your garage space isn’t a one-time activity. You can do all of this now, and it may look great. However, if you don’t maintain the quality of your garage you’re not going to see it stay that way very long. Also, you’re probably going to pile up more stuff. Regular clearing and cleaning will definitely help, but a complete garage system from us will help even more.

Your garage doesn’t have to be dull and boring. These garage storage ideas are a great way to tackle your messy garage. You don’t really need to learn any kind of magic to maximize your garage storage space. Just spend some time getting it ready, and then call us for help!

Garage Designs is your best buddy when it comes to revamping your garage. Contact us today for your free estimate. Check out our services and begin upgrading your garage now.



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