12 Tips That Will Turn You Into a Garage Storage Pro

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Perhaps you think your garage is simply there as your car’s little house. A lot of people think so, too. That’s one way to look at it, but there’s more to garage storage than just car storage. It can store almost anything.  

Now, the problem is that not all of us have unlimited garage space for the tons and tons of things we want to store. We don’t even need some of them, but we keep them anyway. Do you think you can solve that problem? Yes, you can, thanks to these garage storage ideas, we want to share with you!

The truth is that you need to learn how to maximize what space you have in that messy little room.

Table of Contents

  1. Clear Your Space
  2. Prioritize
  3. Divide and Conquer
  4. Install Cabinets
  5. Use Epoxy Floor Coating
  6. Use Shelves
  7. Go Vertical
  8. Use Garage Ceiling Storage
  9. Label Clearly
  10. Make Tools Accessible
  11. Get Storage Help From Garage Designs St. Louis
  12. Do This Regularly

12 Garage Storage Ideas & Tips To Help You Organize Like a Pro

Ceiling Garage StorageMake your garage look and function better by following these garage storage ideas:

1. Clear Your Space

The very first thing you need to do is to clear the space as much as you can. Take out all the power tools, fishing rods, spare tires, nets, toys, and other items. Then, start cleaning up. This way, you’ll see exactly how much space you have. This will also help you gauge how much you can keep, and how much you can store.

2. Prioritize

You’ll probably get exhausted just by looking at all the stuff you’ve racked up through the years. It’s more than likely that you need to make a list. On that list, write down the things you need to keep, and those you can either dump or give away.

3. Divide and Conquer

Organizing Garage

Divide your space into different zones, and decide which group of items to put where. You’ll surely have a variety of things that you store in your garage, and others you may want to move elsewhere. Decide which groups can go together in a single space, and which ones should be placed somewhere else. PRO TIP: Make sure to keep things you use more frequently somewhere you can easily get to.

4. Install Cabinets

Organized Garage CabinetsInstalling garage cabinets will drastically improve the way you organize your things. Spending on premium storage cabinets is a good investment if you own your home and intend to stay for a long time. With the right layout, cabinets with drawers can accommodate all of your garage needs so look for garage cabinet ideas that best suit your garage space.

Cabinets keep your stuff out of sight, making the room look less cluttered. It will also keep things off the ground and keep important or dangerous objects away from children, pets, or bugs and pests that may invade your garage.

5. Use Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy flooring is one of the hardest and most durable garage floor finishes available today. It not only protects your garage floor but can also transform your dull or unsightly concrete into a professional-looking floor that is both beautiful and functional.

With a garage epoxy floor system, you can have a brighter garage with a seamless and reflective floor that is easy to clean and organize. Garage epoxy is a great investment that might even increase the market value of your home.

6. Use Shelves

A good storage system is the foundation of every well-organized garage. This normally necessitates the use of a shelving unit. An easy shelving system is a must if you have a lot to store or organize in your garage. Installing shelves on the garage walls is a great method to keep things out of the way but easily accessible when needed. You may use the following garage shelving ideas:

  • Metal Shelves

Heavy things such as vehicle components, heavy tools, and big paint cans can be stored on metal shelves because they are very durable. Metal shelves can be more expensive than wooden ones, but they are usually worth the money because they have the necessary reinforcement for bulky objects.

  • Corner Shelves

This clever corner shelf unit takes advantage of existing studs and is quick, simple, and affordable to build. It’s also ideal for can storage. These corner shelves are perfect for organizing small items like oils, polishes, waxes, and glues that would otherwise get lost on bigger shelves.

  • Rolling Shelves

For those who dream of a tidy, organized garage, rolling storage shelves offer a lot of versatility. This shelf unit can not only accommodate many bins, containers, and other random items but can also be transported from one location to another.

7. Go Vertical

Hanging Vertically Equipment for Garage StorageUsing your garage walls to hang things is perhaps the most common garage storage method. You can organize your garage walls in various ways depending on your needs. The following are the most used things for garage wall organization:

  • Pegboards

Pegboards are a convenient way to organize your garage and can be placed anywhere. They’re ideal for storing equipment behind a workstation or installing a coat and bag rack near the door. Pegboards are ideal for storing small tools that you use frequently. It’s advisable to put these things on top of your toolbox or workbench, so they’re easily accessible.

  • Slat Wall

A slat wall provides flexible storage at a reasonable cost. Because of its slatted form, shelving and hooks can be moved anywhere along the panel. Slat wall panels are also lightweight sturdy, and click into place horizontally or vertically, allowing you to personalize your storage wall.

Consider our storeWALL product to get organized.

  • Hooks

Hooks are another simple storage solution that makes the most of the vertical space on your walls. They are a cost-effective way to provide personalized storage for your garage’s items. Wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, bicycles, or anything else can be safely affixed to the wall with versatile steel hooks. You can also arrange them in any way you like to fit your stuff.

8. Use Garage Ceiling Storage

Organized Garage Hanging HooksExampleThe ideal garage storage system makes the most of every inch of space available without adding to the mess. You are wasting so much space if you’re not using the overhead area. Long and flat items that are not used every day, such as ladders and seasonal sports equipment, can be hung from the garage ceiling.

You just have to ensure that the things you hang from the ceiling do not interfere with the operation of your garage door and that there is enough space to avoid hitting your car’s roof. You can attach the following to your garage ceiling:

  • Ceiling Storage Rack

Installing storage racks is perhaps the most common type of overhead garage storage. Holiday decorations, coolers, sports equipment, and other large and bulky things are suitable for storing in these racks. High-quality storage racks can help your garage become a more functional area for your vehicles.

  • Bike Ceiling Storage

Bicycles, maybe more than any other item, are notorious for wreaking havoc on garages. Hang bike hooks from your ceiling to keep them off the ground and out of the way. To provide optimal strength, ensure that the hook is screwed into a stud.

9. Label Clearly

Have you ever gone through all of your storage bins and cabinets only to find what you need in the last bin? Avoid that hassle next time by clearly labeling your bins. Stickers can be used to label each bin so you don’t have to dig things out of the top shelf every time you need something. You can also choose clear plastic for containers to carry your items so you can see what’s inside.

10. Make Tools Accessible

While new wall racks are great for storing tools, they’re useless if your frequently used tools are still mixed in with the lesser-used items in one drawer. Arrange your tools by size, function, and frequency of usage. A well-organized tool system makes it easier to complete repairs and saves time and money that could be better spent elsewhere in the house.

11. Get Storage Help From Garage Designs St. Louis

This is arguably one of the best garage storage ideas to help you maximize the space you have. It’s easier to stack things if they’re in boxes, or if you have cabinets and shelving installed from us. Make sure they’re sturdy and well-built, just like all of the products we install. Otherwise, a falling hammer may hit you in the head ;). You might even want to try foldable tables, and racks that you can disassemble.

12. Do This Regularly

Maximizing your garage space isn’t a one-time activity. You can do all of this now, and it may look great. However, if you don’t maintain the quality of your garage you’re not going to see it stay that way very long. Also, you’re probably going to pile up more stuff. Regular clearing and cleaning will help, but a complete garage system from us will help even more.

FAQ: Garage Organization Ideas

How do I organize my garage?

Garage storage organization is similar to any other room or part of the house. The key is to plan ahead of time for your storage options so that you can quickly get the job done efficiently. You can start by looking up garage storage designs and garage space ideas to get some inspiration. If you have the budget, though, it’s best to get the help of garage organization professionals to get the best results.

How do I maximize my garage storage space?

The most basic thing you can do to maximize your garage storage space is always to declutter. Review everything you keep in the garage regularly to ensure you’re only keeping what you need. We suggest separating your unused items into three heaps: recycle, donate, and trash.

You should also use your space wisely. Make sure to maximize your ceiling and vertical spaces. It will also help to install shelves, cabinets, or any other storage solution that will help you stay organized. As much as possible, keep things away from the floor.

What is the cheapest way to organize a garage?

If you are on a tight budget, the cheapest way to garage organization is to do it yourself. You need to have a plan and get creative with your storage solutions. There are a lot of garage space ideas that you can DIY so make sure to choose the ones that best suit your needs. Organizing a garage on your own will take a lot of time and effort but if done right, it will surely be worth all the hassle.

Organize Your Garage Now With the Best Garage Organization Company Serving St. Louis

Your garage doesn’t have to be dull and boring. These garage storage ideas are a great way to tackle your messy garage. You don’t need to learn any kind of magic to maximize your garage storage space. Just spend some time getting it ready, and then call us for help!

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