Smart Ways to Incorporate Garden Storage into Your Garage

garden storage

The Gardener’s Garage

Make your tools easy to find and easy to access. Any gardener will tell you that having a lush, colorful, blooming garden is only possible if you have lots of time, plenty of energy, and all the right equipment. If you want to make the most of your time spent in the dirt, you need to make sure the gardening tools and supplies you use are organized and accessible. For many, that means cleaning out the garage. Here are a few tips to help you reorganize the space for your garage so that it does more for your garden storage:

Designate Space

You probably want to continue to use your garage to park your cars, store your bikes, and to keep other tools at hand. Designate a space that is for gardening only. That way, all your essential supplies are in one place, and you don’t have to go hunting through the entire garage to find something.

Take Stock

There are probably, at least, a few mostly empty bags of potting soil and bent, rusty rakes in your garage. Before the gardening season starts, inventory all your gardening supplies, and figure out what you can get rid of. There is no reason to clutter up your garage with stuff that belongs in the garbage.

Organize Carefully

As you are organizing the things in your garage garden space, consider how often you use each thing. The tools you rely on daily or weekly should be front and center so that you can’t get to them instantly. Products you use less frequently like fertilizer or Independence Day decorations can be moved to someplace out of the way.

Create Storage

A carefully organized pile of stuff is still just a pile of stuff. As much as possible, try to store your gardening supplies off the floor by hanging them on the wall, putting them on shelves, or organizing them inside cabinets. This strategy helps to prevent clutter and creates space so that you can store more gardening essentials.

Work Inside

Not all of the work that goes into your garden happens in the garden itself. Your garage is a great place to set up a workspace where you can pot plants, prepare soil additives, and plan out the layout of your garden. If your garage is heated, you can even set up lights and treat the space as your own greenhouse.

Gardeners Rely on Garage Designs

A great garage contributes to a better garden. Find garage storage solutions ready-made for the needs of the gardener by working with Garage Designs. No matter how ambitious you get with your landscaping, we can design and install garage upgrades that make your project a lot easier to manage. Get rid of the clutter and confusion once and for all, and turn your garage into a space that actually works for garden storage. Request a free estimate before we get any further into the growing season.

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