How to Organize a Garage: 9 Simple Tips

how to organize a garage

Over 60 percent of all U.S. housing units have a garage. However, what that garage looks like can vary from house to house. Since your garage is hidden behind a door most of the time, it’s all too easy to let it slide. Soon, you might find that your garage is piling up with unorganized stuff. And the longer you let it go, the harder the organization task can feel.

Learning how to organize a garage is well worth the time it takes, though. And there’s more to it than buying some shelf space. As professional home organization has become more popular, professional garage organization has followed suit.

That professional organization is well worth it: it can help you organize a garage in ways you never dreamed of. Still, it helps to start with a plan. Read on to learn our top tips for how to organize your garage!

Why Learn How to Organize a Garage?

You shut the door, and your messy garage seems to disappear. Out of sight, out of mind — right? So why should you learn how to organize a garage in the first place?

Save Time

Learning how to organize tools in a garage can save you massive amounts of time.

A disorganized garage is like a black hole where you can lose important things. You might find yourself digging through drawers and cabinets full of junk, unable to find what you need. But when you organize the space, the things you need are right there when you need them.

Save Money

Did you know that organizing your garage can also save you money?

Sure, it will cost money upfront to hire professional organization help. But after that initial expense, the only thing left to do is save.

If you don’t organize your garage, you’ll start buying duplicates of the things you need and can’t find. But with all your tools and everything you need in its proper place, you’ll know exactly what you have at all times. This will help keep you from buying anything you don’t need.

Save Space

Organize the garage, and the home will follow.

That might not be a classic saying, but it’s still true. A well-organized garage can free up lots of space. When you store things in savvy ways, you’ll find that there’s lots more room inside.

This means that the tools and other stuff that’s filling up your home can get moved to the new spaces in your garage. Suddenly, you’re tidying up like a famous organizer — and you don’t even have to get rid of anything.

Save Your Car

A disorganized garage may not leave any room inside for your car. But if you can’t park your car inside it, your garage becomes a glorified storage unit.

When you learn how to organize a garage, you can have your storage space and protect your car from the elements, too. Plus, when you park your car in a messy garage, you’re more likely to damage it.

In a disorganized space, a spare piece of equipment might fall off the shelf and ruin your paint job. Or, something corrosive might spill and start causing damage before you realize it.

Organizing your garage means you can safely park your car inside without worrying about any accidental damage at all.

Save Your Reputation

No matter how great your home looks, the illusion of an organization will disappear if someone catches a glance at your messy garage. But an organized garage will show that you really are as put-together as you seem.

Sure, your closest friends and family members probably won’t judge you too harshly for a messy garage. Still, you’ll feel better about having company over when you know that every space in your home is worth showing off.

Organize My Garage: Creative Tips You Haven’t Heard Yet

Now that you know the why, let’s delve into how to organize a garage.

These aren’t your average organization tips. We won’t tell you to put up a few hooks or add some new shelves. Instead, these tips are designed to help you transform your garage into a beautiful, organized, and even chic space.

Add Flooring

The flooring may not play a strict role in garage organization. Still, the floor has an important role in the overall look and feel of your garage. Since you’re already getting organized, this is the perfect time to upgrade the floors as well.

As you empty out your garage to overhaul the storage, take the opportunity to add sturdier flooring with more personality. The right floor can even make your garage a more comfortable place to spend time in.

Install Cabinets

Once you’ve taken care of the floors, you can turn your attention to what you’ll add on top of them. For garage storage, cabinets make a clear choice.

If you want to know how to organize tools in a garage, cabinets aren’t your only option — but they can help. They’ll also reduce the look of clutter that would otherwise sit in the open on a shelf. With a cabinet, you can keep the space looking sleek simply by closing the cabinet door.

Each garage is different, and your cabinets should be, too. Don’t get the one-size-fits-all styles from the hardware store. Instead, consider investing in custom cabinets designed to meet your unique needs.

Plus, with custom cabinets, you get more durable results that will also match your decor. Don’t just organize your garage — make it into a stylish space with great cabinetry.

Get Clever with Storage

While garage cabinets can help you store lots of essentials, they definitely aren’t your only garage storage options. Make the best use of the space with other custom storage to match your specific needs.

Everyone stores different stuff in the garage. Maybe you love woodworking and keep all your tools in the garage. Or maybe you’re passionate about staying prepared, and your garage is where you stockpile the things your family would need in an emergency.

No matter what’s in there, there’s a storage solution out there for you. Ceiling and wall racks can maximize your vertical space by letting you hang up tools. Don’t let stuff pile up on your nice new floors — use the wall and ceiling space to your advantage instead.

Using your vertical space is one of the main ways to free up new room in your garage. Then, you’ll be able to transfer extra stuff from your home out to the new free spots in your garage.

Purchase a Car Lift

Your garage was probably designed to hold two, three, or four cars. But with a car lift, you can actually add new storage space for even more cars.

Without a car lift, you may have to pass up on a surprise opportunity to buy your dream car, simply because you have nowhere to put it. Or maybe you’ll find yourself keeping one of the important family cars on the street because your garage wasn’t designed to hold all the vehicles you need.

The main purpose of a garage is to store cars, so why not maximize that potential? A car lift creates more space for another car — or whatever else you might need to store.

Upgrade Lighting

Good lighting doesn’t just look nice — it also plays a valuable role in storage.

The best garage organization system will do you little good if you can’t see anything. Instead, try adding new lighting to illuminate your new storage spaces.

Even better, of course, is the fact that the new lighting will also improve your garage’s appearance. And if you work in your garage, great lighting will also help you make fewer mistakes as you work.

Improve Insulation

Great storage requires great insulation.

You probably wouldn’t be learning how to organize a garage if yours was full of junk. Instead, your garage is likely stocked with lots of expensive tools and other stuff you value.

Without high-quality insulation, that stuff can get damaged fast. Changes in the weather and temperature may wreak havoc on your more delicate equipment.

A poorly insulated garage also isn’t much fun to be in. It may be unbearably hot in the summer, and equally cold in the winter. And heating or cooling an uninsulated space can get insanely expensive.

Good insulation keeps those issues at bay. Invest in protecting your newly organized stuff with high-quality insulation that will also keep you comfortable.

Can You Organize a Garage on Your Own?

Now that you know how to organize a garage, there’s still one more question. Can you do it on your own?

Sure, you could install a few cabinets and some new wall hooks by yourself. But for professional-quality results, you need to hire the professionals.

If you do it right, you’ll only need to organize your garage once. Don’t get caught up in a DIY project that will never give great results. Instead, contact us today for a free estimate on unique storage needs for your garage.



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