Top 10 Ideas for Organizing Your Garage

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Brilliant Ideas For Organizing Your Garage

It’s spring-cleaning time. Is organizing your garage on the to-do list?

We know it may seem like an impossible task right now, with the piles of lawn equipment and overflowing storage boxes. However, with a few simple organization ideas and clever storage tips, you can get your garage organized – and keep it that way.

Here are our top 10 ideas for organizing your garage:

1. Store similar items together

Grouping similar items together for storage is probably the #1 rule when it comes to organizing your garage. This not only makes it easier to find the tools you need, but it also makes for a cleaner-looking space. Some additional advice:

  • Store all your sporting equipment in a set of customized lockers labeled by sport or by a family member.
  • Hang your lawn care essentials together on heavy-duty hooks near the garage entrance.
  • Install customized cabinetry above your workbench to keep tools organized and handy.

2. Make it easy for your kids to put away their own toys

If you have young kids, you know how easy it is for outdoor toys to take over the garage. And, let’s be real, you get tired of constantly picking them up – or worse, accidentally running them over. Lighten your workload by storing kids toys – roller blades, bubble blowers, hula-hoops, bouncy balls – in easy-to-reach, kid-friendly bins placed at their level. This will make it easier for your kids to put their toys away on their own.

3. Designated parking spaces for kids’ vehicles

If your kids have Power Wheels, Cozy Coupes, tricycles, bicycles, scooters, or go-karts that they like to ride often, give them their own designated parking spaces in the garage. You can designate parking spaces using sidewalk chalk or painters tape. Or create color-blocked parking spaces by installing modular garage floor tiles.  Being able to park their vehicles just like mom and dad will make your kids feel special. Plus, it’s a simple way to keep all those little vehicles out of your parking space.

4. Hang tools from a magnetic tool bar

Garage Designs of St. Louis can install these with any garage system they offer.  If you’re always digging through drawers to find small tools like drill bits, screws, wrenches, nails, and gardening shears, why not try a magnetic tool bar? It works just like that magnetic knife holder you use in your kitchen, but it’s for organizing tools in your garage instead.

5. Don’t overlook these little-used storage spaces

When organizing your garage, your storage options aren’t limited to just the floor area. You can actually triple your storage area by utilizing garage’s vertical and overhead storage space. Install a slatted wall panel to mount storage racks, hooks, and baskets that can be easily repositioned whenever you need to reorganize your garage space.  Store little-used and seasonal items on the ceiling using overhead garage storage systems.

6. Label everything

Once you get all your items neatly stored in bins, baskets, and cabinets, it’s time to break out the label maker. Labeling your storage bins not only makes it easier to quickly find the items you need, but it also helps you remember where they go once you’re done using them. You don’t have to have a fancy label maker to label your storage solutions; you can make your own labels using cardstock paper, labeling tape, or luggage tags.

7. Hang some curtains for concealed storage

If you use your garage for more than just a parking space and storage, you may grow tired of looking at those rakes and shovels hanging on the garage wall. The simple solution: Hang curtains. Curtains aren’t just for windows. They’re also a simple, inexpensive way to conceal garage storage. And make your garage look and feel homier.

8. Install a bike rack

Keep your bicycles off the floor by installing a bike rack or heavy-duty storage hooks to hang them from the wall. Don’t forget to add a hook above each bicycle slot for hanging the helmet. This will make your bikes more easily accessible for your next family bike ride. Plus, it also looks really cool.

9. Put your hobby on display

Do you have a hobby that you love to show off? Instead of tucking away the essentials of your sport or hobby, put them on display with creative storage solutions. Your colorful kayak collection can double as art when you hang it from the walls. Same goes for racing helmets, surfboards, wooden baseball bats, and anything else you can think of.

10. Have a garage sale

If you’re still swimming in clutter after several attempts at organizing your garage, then it may be time for a garage sale. Set aside a day or two to clean out your garage and get rid of anything and everything you don’t love, use, or need. Trust us; you’ll feel much better once you clear the garage clutter and get your functional, organized garage back.

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