Space Saving Ideas for Your Garage

space saving

Simple Strategies for Space Saving and Organization

Get more from the space in your garage

If you are like a lot of people, your garage is an absolute mess. There are piles of stuff everywhere, most of which you rarely use. Tools, toys, and sporting equipment are all mixed up making it impossible to find what you want. And there is barely enough room to walk around, let alone park your car. If this sounds familiar, learn about space saving ideas you can use to get more from your garage.

Get Things Off the Floor

It’s easy to pile things up on the floor, but those piles quickly turn into clutter and you end up wasting a lot of space. As much as possible, avoid storing anything on the floor and think about vertical storage instead. The upper third of your garage is probably going completely unused, but it’s a great place to store long items like shovels and rakes, bulky items like bikes, or items you rarely use but want to keep around.

Empty Out Your Garagespace saving ideas

Space saving and reorganizing go hand in hand. But for either of those goals to happen, you are going to need to empty your garage out completely. Get rid of the things you no longer use – try to sell or donate them before you throw anything away – and then use the open space of your driveway to start organizing similar types of items. You will be surprised how much more room you have when you pack things back in.   Tweet this

Divide the Space

Each one of the rooms in your home has a specific purpose. Why shouldn’t your garage be the same way? As much as possible, divide the space up according to its intended purpose. Have one area for tools and a work bench, another area for games and toys, and third area for lawn care supplies. If you have a part of your garage that is hard to access, dedicate the space to rarely-used items.

Expand Outward

The reason your garage is so cluttered might be because you are not taking advantage of storage space elsewhere. If you also have a shed, basement, or attic, ask yourself if any of the stuff in your garage would be more appropriate in one of these other spaces instead. The more your garage starts to empty out, the more of it you can use for productive things rather than storage alone.

Space Saving is Easy with the Help of Garage Designs

If the clutter in your garage has become overwhelming, rely on the team at Garage Designs to transform the space. We can install simple storage solutions that turn an ordinary garage into a dynamic multipurpose area. If you have a more ambitious garage renovation project in mind, we can help with that too. Act fast to save up to $500.

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