10 Awesome DIY Garage Storage Ideas & Projects

DIY garage storage ideas

It seems like the cluttered garage is the true definition of America living. Did you know that at least 1 out of 4 Americans has a disorganized garage? Well, if you thought you’re alone, there many other people dealing with the messy garage shame. Fortunately, there are several methods for organizing all this madness once and for all.

If you’re sick of tripping in your garage, here are 10 awesome DIY garage storage ideas to try out.

1. Shelving

There are a few things you should consider before you decide on the type of shelving to use in your garage space. Factors like mounting options, material, garage space, and price are all important.

For instance, if you’ve garage floor space issues, getting wall cabinets could work best for you. On the other hand, if floor space isn’t a problem, base cabinets will be fine. Like cabinets, shelves are excellent garage storage solutions.

Consider mounting the shelves on walls or buy a freestanding one. Don’t forget to also buy the add-ons, which connect in different ways, allowing for multiple organizations. Freestanding units come in different materials but most have between two to ten shelves.

There are some which have bins for extra storage or caster wheels for easier movement. Add-ons are much similar to the freestanding shelves only that they come with two legs and an open side. The open side attaches to the freestanding shelf.

Wall mountable shelves are the best for those homeowners with limited garage space. These shelves allow you to maximize your wall as well as your floor space. This increases storage capacity as well as makes the garage a safe working area.

2. Pallet Organization

This is the perfect storage module for homeowners having lots of gardening tools.

Pallet organization will help you free up space in the house and are even more useful if you’re using your garage as a workshop. For such units, you could store big tools like brooms, rakes, shovels or basically anything with a long handle.

Make sure to build them close to the garage entrance to not only keep things organized but also for easy access of tools whenever you need any of them. You can find pallets for free from your local timber yard.

3. Sports Goods Storage

If your garage is also your sport’s gear storage place, there are some genius ways to store all the equipment, whether big or small.

Let’s say you have many balls, you could hook bungee cords on a simple square frame. This storage idea works best in a garage with limited space or any with wasted or excess space outside.

On the contrary, if you’ve enough garage space, a rolling cart would be an excellent idea to store away all your small sports materials like bats, helmets, balls, gloves and anything else that can fit in it. They’re easy to construct and you can freely get a range of plans online to build it yourself.

On the other hand, if your garage walls are incomplete, you could nail several boards across the studs and fasten a few hooks. This will utilize the walls and help clear any clutter-filled corners.

Alternatively, store away all the small equipment in laundry bags and hang them flat against the wall.

For those with bikes, investing in a rack could help clear them out of the way.

They’re available as freestanding, ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted units. The freestanding racks occupy more space, however, they can fit more items. The wall-mountable option allows you to save up on floor space, while the ceiling mountable units depend on the type you get.

4. Leftover Paint Storage

A great way to preserve your leftover paint is by storing it in glass jars. The reason it’s such an excellent idea is that you can see the color at a glance. To top that, the lids seal nice and tightly preventing spillage.

For easy accessibility, don’t forget to label the paint storage jars with information such as brand type and color. If you like, you could also label the expiry date too.

5. Overhead Storage

Do you have a collection of plastic tubes simply lying around in your garage?

Well, you’re very lucky because the construction of overhead storage is fast and simple, and the whole system requires easily accessible materials. They’re also the perfect DIY garage organizers for garages with limited space as they take up no footprint.

To create your own overhead sliding bin storage, you’ll first need to measure the space between the ceiling and the top of your garage door. You should leave at least sixteen inches of space between the ceiling and the door of the bin for the system to be functional.

Apart from that, overhead storage is a superb method to get light items or those you don’t use very often out of the way. Things like Christmas decorations, heavy-duty tabs or winter sports gears could get stored there.

The only downside is that you may have to keep a ladder at bay to get to them.

6. Wall-to-Wall Storage

For these DIY garage projects, homeowners may simply choose to use a few hooks for hanging gardening or basic hand tools equipment. DIY shelves also work really well if you’re looking for a simple yet affordable solution.

However, to maximize your garage wall space you can choose slat wall or pegboards.

Slat wall panels are horizontal channels onto which you fasten your hooks and baskets.

You can use them to organize tools, sporting equipment, and cleaning supplies. The best thing about them is that they not only help de-clutter the garage space but also provide a finished look to your garage walls.

What’s more, you can move things around by simply removing and moving the hooks. With such panels, you’ll never have to use a hammer or screwdriver to unscrew anything.

Slat wall systems get installed over your drywall or directly onto your furring strips or stud.

7. Pegboard Walls

If you can only spare a few square feet of your garage space, you could install a pegboard to help save on space.

They’re an efficient storage system that’s durable, easy to rearrange and adaptable. The pegboard wall will also help you keep your frequently used equipment within quick and easy reach.

You can use it to hang basic hand tools or heavy items like bicycles and wheelbarrows. If you like, you could also add a bin underneath them to make room for all the other small things like spray cans and jars that cause clutter in the garage.

Check out other pegboard alternatives here.

8. Lockers

Another economical and durable solution for decluttering your garage is by storing stuff in lockers. Lockers come in several sizes. There are large lockers which you can use to store sports equipment’s like bats, nets, balls or water recreational gear.

Some of these large lockers are built to hold even heavy equipment like golf bags, skis, and hockey gear.

There are also wire mesh lockers which can help you store hazardous chemicals or expensive tools under lock and key. Garage storage cabinets are another ideal solution for homeowners who are handymen.

They’re great for storing:

  • Expensive tools
  • A mixture of excess hardware
  • Different small tools/equipment

Whichever you choose, the lockers will turn your garage space into a model of efficiency and organization. Not only that, but they’ll also come in handy if you frequently leave the garage door open or don’t have a garage door.

9. Recyclables

Alternatively, you could save your money and even the planet by repurposing your garage trash for the garage organization.

You can fill all those baby food jars with sorted screws, nails, zip ties, and Christmas bulbs. You could also use tins in a similar way by drilling holes in them and fastening them onto your pegboard wall.

For better organization, hang your screwdrivers, pliers, chisels on different cans.

10. PVC Pipe

This is another DIY garage storage idea that’s practical and so easy to set up.

The idea behind it is to cut out pieces of PVC pipe and to drill them horizontally to the wall stud. For this project, you have to ensure there’s enough spacing left out so that the tools can fit properly between each other.

Once complete, you can use it to store your garden tools, especially the long-handled ones. If you’ll have some off-cut remainders, don’t throw them away.

Instead, fasten them to the wall as well to serve as a brush and spade holders.

Utilize These DIY Garage Storage Ideas for a Clutter-Free Garage

Getting your garage organized doesn’t have to be a difficult situation anymore.

Make use of these DIY garage storage ideas for more space and effective garage organization. These simple fixes will help you deal with common home storage problems that you can handle by yourself.

For more garage de-cluttering tips, check out these garage DIY projects for all the latest hacks and ideas.


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