10 Cool Garage Ideas That Help You Make the Most out of Your Space

Converted Garage into living space

Your garage is your space; what you do with it is up to you. It’s easy to neglect it and not utilize it properly, but it’s even easier to transform it into the space of your dreams. A quarter of people with two-car garages can’t even park a car because there’s so much clutter. There are numerous cool garage ideas to turn it into the best part of your house, and we’ve outlined a few ideas here – what do you think?

1. Manual Workshop

Are you into woodwork or any sort of hands-on, manual project? If so, your garage is the ideal space to hone your craft. There are plenty of opportunities to personalize the space with storage and any large machines or vehicles you might need.

If you have children or pets to consider, it might be safer to keep your tools and equipment confined to your garage space rather than work elsewhere in the house too. It beats working outside too, as you never know just what the weather’s going to do.

However, you’ll probably have to make some adjustments as part of your garage makeover. Extra ventilation might be a good idea, along with added electrics and plumbing if you need running water.

Just add a workbench, some great storage options, and a well-insulated garage door, and you’re good to go. We recommend epoxy flooring too, as it’s safe, durable and provides plenty of traction.

2. Study or Office

Perhaps you don’t do much manual work, but you’d still like to make your garage into a workspace. An alternate option is to create a study or office so that you can get work done in peace and quiet. If you work from home and don’t have the space to create an office space elsewhere, your garage can be great.

This garage fix-up is relatively inexpensive, too. You can even still use a portion of your garage for parking by using a garage flooring on the ground. It’s the best of both worlds for you and your vehicle.

You don’t need much more – just some storage and the usual office furniture. You can even keep your books in there too and use the part of the space as a library; the options are endless.

3. ‘Man Cave’

Garage barDoes your partner have the home of their dreams? Make the garage your domain and turn it into a man cave, is one of the cool garage ideas built for you. If you decide you’d like a man cave, what you include is up to you.

A popular stereotype is the sporty man cave. If you want somewhere to watch the big game, drink beer, and order take-out with your friends there’s no better place. You could even incorporate a bar into your garage or have game tables.

If you do go down this road, the garage will of course, act more like a regular room of your house. Hence, you’ll need heating, air conditioning, and insulation for comfort. Make the most of the decorations too, as it’s firmly your call – dartboards, vintage memorabilia, sports jerseys – it’s up to you.

4. Storage Room

When you think of different uses for your garage, this probably springs to mind early on. It might not seem like the most exciting garage transformation possible, but the extra storage space can be a lifesaver.

There are numerous storage options, like cabinets, shelves, bins, and boxes. You can store large items to avoid them taking up valuable space elsewhere, things that you don’t need day-to-day, or even store essential supplies in bulk to avoid those last-minute trips to the store.

As you aren’t using the room to live in, you don’t need to worry too much about things like heating and insulation – as long as your possessions stay in good condition, that’s all that matters.

Incorporating Storage Features?

If you’re thinking this all sounds great, but you don’t want to dedicate an entire garage to storage, it’s easy to incorporate storage solutions into any garage you like. Take advantage of the space above your head and consider where you might be able to find a home for some of your things – there are so many ways to organize a garage. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

5. Playroom For The Kids

If your children’s toys always seem to leave their rooms and find their way around every corner of the house, cool garage ideas for kids is to convert the garage into a playroom. Stick a TV and games console in there along with their other favorite toys, and it’s sure to be a winner.

You can even use wall slats for extra storage if you’re trying to enjoy a quiet moment elsewhere in the house, as the kids keep busy and play to their hearts’ content. Of course, you’ll need heating, insulation, and air conditioning as your children will be spending a lot of time in the space, and soft, easy-to-clean flooring and furniture are also worth investing in.

6. Home Gym

Garage GymsWhether you’ve got some old exercise equipment just gathering dust or you’re thinking of where to store your new buys, your garage is ideal. It saves you the journey to the gym, and of course those awkward gym fees, so it’s a great way to turn your garage into something beneficial.

You’ll probably need facilities like air conditioning and maybe an upgrade on your electrical system, as you might want a TV, music or a refrigerator. Use the ceiling and walls to hang equipment from, and you’ve got plenty of storage space for weights and other small equipment alongside larger bikes and treadmills.

Variations of a Gym

We were referring to a typical sort of home gym above, but you can modify your gym to suit you. It could be a yoga studio, a makeshift dojo for your martial arts training, focus on free weights or machines – it’s entirely up to you.

7. Guest Room

Do you have adult children who want space for themselves when they visit? Parents or other relatives, who stay over regularly? You could consider turning your garage into a guest room for their comfort.

You’ll need to make a few changes to the garage space. Heating, insulation, and other amenities should be provided, as well as storage, electrical sockets, and nice lighting. Consider whether to include bathroom and kitchen facilities too, but again you have a number of options here and it’s largely up to you.

8. Extra Living Room

Another cool garage idea to consider the garage to be part of your house and get rid of the wall separating them? This way, you can use the garage as another living room, perhaps if you all can’t agree on what to watch on TV in the main living room. Like with the guest room, you’ll need heating, air conditioning, and insulation for added coziness, and typical living room furniture to make yourself feel at home.

Don’t forget the decor – put up pictures and other features to give the space a personal touch. Make sure you have some windows to provide natural light too, and what about some laminate wood flooring, perhaps decorated with a rug?

As the whole family will use another living room, it makes sense to discuss this together. How will you all be able to get the best out of your new living room?

9. Entertainment Zone

Garage entertainment room conversion

Like a man cave, but not just for you. Like an extra living room, but a bit more ‘special’. Convert your garage into an entertainment zone and your house will be the go-to location for every social gathering to come.

Make sure you sort heating and insulation, and you may want to upgrade your electrical system too – particularly if you’re planning on having TVs, games consoles, or a home cinema in the garage. You could have a bar to add an exciting element to events in the entertainment zone, or tables to play pool or foosball.

10. Traditional Garage

With all of these different ideas, it’s easy to forget what the purpose of a garage actually is. That said, if you’d like to keep your garage as somewhere to park your car, that’s okay too. There are ways to make even a traditional garage into a great area of your house.

Consider epoxy flooring so you can easily park your car, and think about what you might be able to do with the remaining space. Your garage might double as a utility or laundry room, or you might be able to fit a couple of pieces of fitness equipment in there too.

Then there’s storage. There’s nothing wrong with using the remaining space for storage, so check out the different options available to you. Take it from us – a traditional garage doesn’t have to be boring.

Other Cool Garage Ideas?

These are just some of how you can transform your garage space. If you’ve got any other cool garage ideas, go ahead and give your garage the makeover it deserves! Alternatively, feel free to go along with one of our suggestions.

If you’re looking for more tips and advice on creating the ideal garage for you, check out the rest of our posts, or contact us to get in touch today.


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