4 Steps to Apply an Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy Garage Flooring – It’s all about the prep!

Many homeowners enjoy tackling do-it-yourself projects.

And for good reason. DIY projects are generally less costly and offer a sense of accomplishment.

Color coordinated epoxy floor and storage cabinets elevate this garage.

Color coordinated epoxy floor and storage cabinets elevate this garage.

However there is one home improvement project that is best left to professionals – garage epoxy flooring application. Professional garage flooring contractors have the equipment and expertise to properly prepare the surface. The right preparation results in a beautiful, durable, long-lasting finish.

How we do it?

At Garage Designs of St Louis, we manage the application of  epoxy garage floor coatings in four steps:

  • Step One: Prepare the surface with diamond-blade grinders to remove all contaminants
  • Step Two: Apply the base color with a roller, one section at a time
  • Step Three: Broadcast the color chips into the wet base coat, typically 50-100% coverage depending on the desired look
  • Step Four: Apply two coats of polyaspartic clear sealer, an improved product that speeds drying time

We love the look of a clean epoxy garage floor. With proper preparation, application and drying time, your epoxy garage floor will be beautiful for years to come!

epoxy garage floor application in four steps


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