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Upgrade Any Space with these Garage Decorating Ideas

Turn an average garage into your favorite space in the house

We usually think of garages as being more functional than stylish. But there is no rule that says this space has to be dark, dingy, cluttered, and uninviting. If you spend a lot of time in your garage why not give the space some character? Here are a few clever garage decorating ideas to spark your imagination:

Reflect Your Hobbies

Maybe you use your garage as an auto shop or a place to complete woodworking projects. Why not show off that passion in your décor? Old auto signs or homemade wood crafts are a great way to tie the space together.

Get Wild

Compared to other rooms in your home, not a lot of people see your garage. If you have decorations that your spouse won’t let you put up anywhere else because they clash with the décor in the rest of your home, the garage is the natural place to put them up.

Add Some Color

The reason that most garages are so drab is that they have a gray concrete floor and dirty white walls. Simply painting a few walls a brighter color can completely transform the look and feel of the space. You can get even more creative and paint stripes, polka dots, or even murals. Once again, you are free to get a little wild if you want.

Upgrade the Lighting

What good are decorations if they are hidden in shadows? Most garages are under-lit, which makes them less exciting and also less functional. Adding more lighting to both the walls and ceilings immediately brightens up the space.

Use the Door

You don’t just have to focus on the inside of the garage. You garage door is a big feature of the facade of your home. Painting it a bold color or using it to hang up holiday decorations can enhance the look of your home overall.

Stay Practical

Before you start decorating, make sure that you garage has all the storage and workspace that you want. That way you don’t put up decorations in a place that will be covered up by a storage locker or wall mount.

Get Seasonal

You spend so much time perfecting the decor in every area of your home. Why not decorate your garage as well? This is a great place to use old decorations you may not want to display in other parts of your home or yard.

Decorating is Easy with the Help of Garage Designs

This list of garage decorating ideas is far from complete. You are really bound by nothing but your imagination. As you work to transform your garage into the space of your dreams, enlist the help of Garage Designs. We offer clever design and storage solutions that can make your garage more functional and more stylish at the same time. Act now and take advantage of special offers for a limited time.


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