Cool StoreWALL Solutions For Your Garage

Every Garage Can Use StoreWALL!

StoreWALL SolutionsAt Garage Designs of St Louis, we have long known the benefits of StoreWALL storage panels and accessories. And the folks at StoreWALL just keep elevating their game!

For those who aren’t familiar, StoreWALL storage panels are a high-quality slatwall system that mounts to any wall and uses a variety of accessories to accommodate virtually anything. The panels are a solid-core material, waterproof, and designed for use in high abuse situations. Wall panels are available in five colors, including two wood grain options.

But the hits just keep on comin’ from StoreWALL. They continue to add to their already sweet array of accessories. This year, they introduced a magnetic bar – in two sizes – that is an absolute must for any workbench. Most accessories, like the magnetic bar,  include their patented cam-lock system that easily secures to the wall panel. They’ve also added open bins in various sizes for stashing little goodies.

StoreWALL SolutionsStoreWALL Solutions

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!



  • Lindy says:

    Hi Jane (&Parry)

    I wanted to thank you for the great article in your blog. We really do appreciate it. Very nicely done.

    2 things. The link to storeWALL @ the bottom does not work and secondly can you send me a link to your other blogs.

    Thanks again
    Keep up the great work. 🙂

  • Jane DiCampo says:

    Thanks Lindy – we love StoreWALL! Fixed the link to your website.
    Looking forward to a busy fall installing StoreWALL in St Louis garages!!

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