Designing Your Personal Garage Art Studio in 5 Steps

garage art studio

Turn your garage into a space that works for you. If you have a passion for the arts, you know that it takes a lot of space to practice your hobby. You need room to store supplies and finished projects, plus enough square footage to meet the demands of your artistic process. You can rent out an expensive space elsewhere or try to set up shop in a spare bedroom, but neither of these options is ideal. The smarter solution is to build a garage art studio. This gives you more options at a lot lower cost so that you can get busy creating.

Garage Studio Plans to Help You Unleash Your Creativity

Follow these steps to turn your garage into a personal studio space.

Step One – Clean Everything Out

Right now your garage is probably filled with cars and clutter. Empty the space out completely, taking your time to separate the things you need/want and the things that can be stored elsewhere or discarded. Clean the empty space thoroughly and then inspect it carefully. Note the condition of the walls and ceiling, the location of outlets, and the overall configuration of your space.

Step Two – Apply a Coat of Paint

The average garage is dark, dirty, and dingy. Luckily, a couple of coats of paint can quickly transform the space. White is always a great color for a garage art studio, but it’s your space, and your imagination is the only limit. Consider upgrading the floors as well as the walls for a complete overhaul of the ambiance.

Step Three  Add More Lighting

You can’t make art by the light of a dim overhead bulb or dirty neon light fixture. You can either add to the existing lighting or install an entirely new lighting system. If you prefer to work by sunlight, it’s also possible to add windows and even a skylight.

Step Four – Figure Out Storage

Your garage art studio is both a workspace and a storage space. But if you don’t have adequate amounts of the right kind of storage, your supplies will quickly overwhelm the confines. Figure out what you need to keep on hand and how much room it will take to store it. Then consider storage options that are convenient, easy to use, and safe enough to protect finished projects.

Step Five – Bring in the Furniture

Your garage is now clean, bright, and functional. The final step is to bring in the furniture you need. This could range from a massive project table or a dark room setup to a simple writing desk or work bench. Make sure that you don’t overcrowd the space with furniture, or break the bank buying stuff that will only get messy and worn down.

Make Your Studio a Reality with the Help of Garage Designs

A garage art studio is an exciting prospect but also a daunting one. After all, you’re ready to get busy creating not get busy converting. Why not let our garage-conversion experts at Garage Designs lend you design and building expertise? Together, we can convert your garage into the studio space you’ve always wanted.


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