Don’t Overlook these Details When Finishing a Garage

finishing a garage

The Most Important Elements in Any Finished Garage

Help your project stay on schedule and in budget

Finishing a garage is a great way to turn a dark, dingy, and underused part of your home into a new space with an exciting new purpose. And compared to the prospect of adding on an addition, a finished garage is cost effective and relatively easy. It’s important to remember though that this is still a big project and you can’t go rushing in without considering some important details. Ensure your home upgrade goes as smoothly as possibly by considering these essential details:

Floor Plan

Every element of your project will follow from a floor plan. Figure out exactly how you will use the space and then use that information to guide the rest of your project.


In most places it’s necessary to get a building permit before taking on a project as large as finishing a garage. And even where it’s not, it’s always the best policy. Make sure you have any and all necessary permits before making a single change.


Your current garage is probably not heated and cooled. And depending on your goals for the finished garage you’re going to want it to be. In some cases it may be necessary to run duct work and even upgrade to a larger furnace to handle the extra square footage. Consult with a specialist to determine your exact needs and full range of options.

Light and Air

Part of the reason your outgoing garage was so unpleasant was that it lacked proper illumination and ventilation. There are lots of ways to add both to the new space, so there is no reason your finished garage shouldn’t be bright and breathable.


You are probably going to need to beef up the electrical capabilities in your garage which can be a big project. If you don’t have a healthy amount of electrical expertise, be sure to consult with someone who does.

Walls and Floors

The finished garage will likely need more insulation in the walls. But before it can be installed, you’re going to need to settle on a new floor, unless you want to keep the dirty concrete one that is probably there now. There are lots of options suited to your particular plans for the space.


Will you keep your old garage door in place, upgrade to a new one, or add a new walls and windows? This is a big decision that too often gets overlooked.

Garage Designs has the Expertise You Need

At Garage Designs, we salute the DIY homeowner. But we also know how much of an undertaking finishing a garage can be. If you’re realizing that this project is going to be bigger and more complicated than you realized, turn to us for expertise and assistance. We can help you develop and execute plans that meet your exact specification while helping you to cut costs and avoid setbacks. Contact us to get the conversation started.


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