Electric Cars in St. Louis: Go Electric, or Stick With Gas

Go Electric, or Stick With Gas

While it may seem like a fad, may very well be the future.

I recently saw my first Nissan Leaf – a cute little electric car- in public. I have perused them at Auto Shows and read about them in articles and publications. But have never seen one live and in person. It got me thinking – who was the brave soul to pave the electric-car way in St. Louis?

After all, St. Louis is no Los Angeles or Washington, D.C. Our city has no infrastructure for charging these puppies, unlike those on the west coast, the southwest and in D.C.  In those parts of the country, a major initiative to build an extensive network of public charging stations is underway. The St. Louis Leaf owner is likely relying only on its home Blink electric vehicle charger. Which means this Leaf won’t be falling far from the tree.

But so what? We gotta start somewhere, right? Electric vehicles may not be perfect – particularly in their range – but they are likely here to stay. More and more mainstream automakers have electric vehicles in the works. It will only be a matter of time before St. Louis catches  up with the coasts. So cheers to that lone Nissan Leaf in the parking lot. You are driving St. Louis into the future.



  • Katy Abbott Crewdson says:

    Perry and Jane are a couple of the most quality people in this fine world. I am so sure you will be completely satisfied with anything they can do in your garage. The time has come for organization and to be able to find and enjoy what you already own. Perry and Jane are good down to earth people with an attitude all will enjoy. These are hard working people and they will attend to exactly what you need and want. Good luck on your newest organization!

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    Thanks Katy!

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