Five Steps to an Easy Garage Makeover

Simple Garage Makeover Plan

garage makeover

Cabinets and wall storage complete this garage makeover.

You don’t have to spend big money to make a big impact in your garage.

A little purging and some planning make the process a breeze. Be sure to hire a garage organization expert, like Garage Designs of St. Louis, with the know-how, to plan the right functions in each area of your garage.

When you are ready to retake your garage:

Step One

Purge as much as you possibly can – easier said than done but oh-so-important.

Step Two

Take stock of the remaining items – gardening tools, sports equipment, automotive items, etc.

Step Three

Consult with an expert, who will plan each zone with the appropriate storage functions for your stuff.

Step Four

Agree on a bid and schedule an installation day.

Step Five

On installation day, clear the way- move goods to the driveway, porch or middle of the floor so the installers can work their magic.

Depending on the size of the project, your garage makeover can be complete by dinner time!

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