Garage Cabinet Ideas in St. Louis, MO

Garage Cabinet Ideas

Garage Cabinet Ideas to Suit any Space

Put the mess away for good

If your garage is like a lot of garages in St. Louis, MO, you have yard tools leaning against the walls, junk piled up on benches, and cutter occupying every corner. No only does this look unsightly, it makes it a lot harder to find what you’re looking for when you finally need it again.  Consider different garage cabinet ideas and pick the options that work best for you space. Once you have dedicated storage in your garage, you can put more things away and keep things organized at the same time. Here are a few all-purpose garage cabinet ideas that will work in any St. Louis, MO garage.

Tool Cabinet

You probably have an assortment of tools located somewhere in your garage. Imagine how much easier it would be to get work done if you had a tool cabinet mounted above your work bench. You could keep everything you needed close at hand, and you could free up valuable space on your work bench.

Pet Cabinet

Between the food, toys, and accessories, pets require a lot of stuff. This may be cluttering up your garage and attracting mice, or occupying too much space inside your home. Installing a sturdy garage cabinet just for pet items helps you keep everything together so that you never have to hunt for a spare collar, extra water dish, or flea medication.  Tweet this

Toy Cabinet

If you have kids, you probably also have a huge assortment or balls, gloves, sticks, nets, goals, and lawn games. In just a short amount of time these toys and sporting equipment can pile up and seemingly take over your garage. One of out most popular garage cabinet ideas it to put in a functional storage unit that can keep everything corralled. The kids always know where to find things, and you don’t have balls rolling around your garage when you try to pull in.

Garage Cabinet Ideas For Extra StorageGarage Cabinet Ideas

A garage is a natural storage space. It just makes sense that you would put things out there that you don’t use on a regular basis. Instead of sticking them wherever you have room and risking them getting damaged, dirty, or lost, why not invest in garage cabinets just to have extra storage space on hand? What you do with the space is entirely up to you. But when you need it, you will be awfully glad to have it.

Make Your Garage Cabinet Ideas a Reality with Garage Designs

Check out these garage cabinets for ideas:


Garage Cabinets


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