Garage Designs of St. Louis Celebrates Ten Years

garage organization st. louisIt’s Time to Celebrate

We are proud to hit our 10-year mark!

So much has happened since Garage Designs of St. Louis was inaugurated 10 years ago. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were launched. The Hubble Telescope and Mars Rover were deployed, the Space Shuttle program scrubbed. Hurricane Katrina. Deposed dictators. iPhones.  The United States elected its first African-American President.

Through it all, Garage Designs of St. Louis has been the St. Louis leader in garage organization and enhancement. It hasn’t been easy. Our business has evolved.  And struggled.  And grown.  But we are proud of what we have accomplished, of the work we have done, of the relationships we have forged. We are grateful to our customers, friends and families for their support. Without you, Garage Designs would not have survived for 10 years.

So as we reflect on the last decade and look forward to the next, we drink at toast and brace ourselves – knowing that the roller coaster is only through its first turns!


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