Garage Flooring Contractor in St. Louis

Garage Flooring Contractor in St. Louis

Garage Flooring Contractor in St. Louis

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You probably don’t spend much time thinking about or looking at your garage floor. But it may just be the most important element in your garage. It will need to be tough enough to stand up to years of abuse, be functional enough to serve the needs of the garage, and possibly even look good enough to elevate the whole space. For those reasons, you need to look carefully for the right garage flooring contractor in St. Louis. These are the most important qualities to have:

Lots of Style and Color OptionsGarage Flooring Contractor in St. Louis

You can easily find someone to pour you a boring gray concrete slab. But if you regularly spend time in your garage, you want something that feels a little more exciting. Your flooring contractor in St. Louis should be able to offer you Polyaspartic/epoxy applied garage floor coatings and RaceDeck modular floor tiles, both in a wide variety of colors.

Full-Service Solutions

Don’t work with any contractor that wants to pressure you into a particular option or tell you your choices are limited. Instead, they should carefully find out about your needs, wants, and budget, suggest a range of options, and then handle the installation from beginning to end. That way you actually get what you want, and you don’t have to deal with multiple contractors/suppliers to get the job finished.  Tweet this

Owner Commitment

The quality of your garage flooring contractor in St. Louis really comes down to the person running the company. They set the tone for customer service, hire and train the contractors, and stamp their name on the quality of work. The best companies have an active and engaged owner who is excited to visit your garage and help you find the best possible floor.

Free Assessments

How can you know if a garage floor upgrade is worth it if you don’t know how much it will cost? Your contractor should carefully examine you garage and then offer you a free, no-pressure assessment. It should include all the attendant costs and give you a complete and accurate picture of how much you will pay. If you can’t get this, or you suspect that the assessment is inaccurate, seek out another contractor.

Meet Your Garage Flooring Contractor in St. Louis

Here at Garage Designs we have worked on every conceivable type of garage floor. And through that experience we’ve learned what it takes to get the job done right and to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Make us the first company you seek out when you’re ready to repair, replace, and upgrade your garage floor. Start by getting a free estimate.


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