Prepping for Your Spookiest Garage Halloween Ideas

garage halloween ideas

What better way to scare up some fun than by transforming your garage into a haunted house for Halloween or themed party? It may mean parking your car in the driveway temporarily, but it’s a small price to pay for a spooky space sure to make your home the talk of the neighborhood (and earn a coveted spot on trick-or-treaters “must-visit” list).

How to Get Ready for Your Creepiest Garage Halloween Ideas

Not sure where to start? Don’t be afraid (that’s for later). Here are eight spooky garage Halloween ideas to get you started:

  • Clean It Up: There’s just no way around it: whether you’re hosting trick-or-treaters or throwing a Halloween-themed party in your monstrously made over the garage, you’re going to need to clean it up. Push large equipment and boxes to the sides, and make sure any sharp or dangerous tools, paints, and chemicals are securely packed away in storage. Give the garage a good sweeping.
  • Map It Out: Sketch a quick floor plan and decide where everything’s going to go. Consider setting up some temporary walls (black-painted particle board secured to a wooden base works well for this) to lead visitors through different “scenes.” Creating a winding pathway will also amp up the effect of any lights and fog you decide to use, as well. With the right touch, you can even make use of existing closets, drawers, and storage cubbies.
  • Cover It Up: From workbenches to boxes, countertops to tools, by draping black tarps, plastic sheeting or drop cloths over all that “stuff” you can easily give your garage a ghostly look (without having to store everything elsewhere). Cover any windows with black plastic sheeting.
  • Give It Some Glow: Once you’ve set the stage, consider replacing your overhead lights with simple, compact fluorescent blacklights for an otherworldly glow. They’re available at your local hardware store, especially around the Halloween season. A few carefully placed lamps with blacklight bulbs can also do the trick.
  • Hang It Up: Make use of your garage’s overhead space by stringing fake spiderwebs from the garage opener across the room. Small hooks can be used to hang other decors from the ceiling, and you can also make use of any overhead storage.
  • Add Some Fog: Add some mystery and suspense to your ghoulish garage with a portable fog machine- you can pick one up online or at Halloween pop-up stores. They’re surprisingly affordable, and you can use it again and again.
  • Cue the Music: Even the spookiest setting is nothing without some spine-tingling sounds. Hide a portable Bluetooth speaker beneath some of the sheeting and stream some seriously scary music.
  • Deck It Out: Now’s your chance to really get creative. Visit your local Halloween or party store and pick out some props. Bring your floor plan sketch along and select all the fake tombstones, coffins, skulls, spiders, skeletons and more you need to give each scene an element of spooky surprise.

If you’re looking for more of a permanent garage update, consider a DIY Home Gym, or even a Personal Garage Art Studio.

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