Garage Maintenance 101: How to Keep Your Garage Looking Like New

Garage Maintenance

You have no problem spending time and treasure keeping your car looking showroom new. You’ll sacrifice your weekends waxing and pay for expensive detailing, all to maintain your automobile’s factory look. But what about where you keep your car? Most don’t give garage maintenance a second thought if any thought at all. Too often, the garage becomes that “throwaway” space in the house, the place that houses all the clutter that we wouldn’t dare allow in the rest of the house or even in our cars.

That attitude results in a waste of useful space, and in the long-run, could bring on unnecessary bills and expenses. If you want to keep your garage looking new as the day your house was built, here are three maintenance tips that will enhance the functional space in your garage and keep replacement and repair costs down.

3 Garage Maintenance Must-Do’s to Keep it Looking Like New

It all hinges on the door. It may seem obvious, but maintaining your garage door should be the focal point of garage maintenance. Not only are garage doors expensive to replace, but consider linking affects if your garage door isn’t working correctly. Your car can’t have the shelter and security of the garage. If your door won’t open and shut correctly, that could even pose a security risk to your home itself! It pays to maintain the lubrication on all your door’s moving parts, keep the exterior painted and free of chips or flaws that might increase the deteriorating effects of weather, and to ensure that the tracks and rollers are always clear and in good condition. Taking a periodic interest in these items can increase the lifespan of your garage door and save you the expense of replacement.

Increase your storage space. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the approach many take to cluttering up the garage, but this space is designed for storage. A properly maintained garage can help you maintain the rest of your house. Shelving can help you keep seasonal items (like Christmas decorations) both out of the way when they’re not being used and easily accessible when you need them. Using peg boards along the wall allows you to have a place for all your tools and home maintenance items. Incorporating effective garage storage solutions also reduces the risk of accidents and injury, whether it be an unstable stack of boxes toppling over or a scratched shin from bumping into some piece of equipment randomly lying around.

Don’t neglect your flooring. Like with any part of your house, the flooring is the base of the structure. Lack of care can result in cracks, chips and other faults that can lead to bigger structural problems. Not only that, but leftover residue from oil changes, paint spills or other garage “accidents” can lead to health and safety hazards for you and your family. It’s worth it to consider installing some custom flooring in your garage to increase its lifespan, decrease safety risks and improve your garage’s overall appearance.

No homeowner would completely ignore maintaining the yard or a room in the house, yet many pay no attention to their garage space. Don’t let that be you. Enhance the look and quality of your home and protect the special things, from cars to Christmas trees, that your garage protects.

Make Garage Maintenance Easier

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