Garage Mudroom: The Ultimate DIY Project for Every Family

garage mudroom

Make Your Own Garage Mudroom – Simple and Easy Ideas

Keep the mess in the garage out of the house. Here is a situation that every family is familiar with – You have a bunch of wet clothes, muddy boots, and dirty pets that need to come into the house, but there’s no good way to keep the mess from tracking indoors. It usually involves creating a big wet pile at the back door, but even then snow, rain, and mud seem to get everywhere.

The easy solution is to make your own mudroom, and the garage is the perfect place for it. Just about every home with a garage has the room to spare, and you don’t need to be a DIY expert to take on this simple home upgrade. Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

Find the Space

Ideally, your mudroom will be as close to your inside garage door as possible. If this isn’t feasible in your garage, pick a corner that you can work with. Clear away the clutter, and find a permanent place for it elsewhere. Then give the space a good cleaning with a mop and soapy water.

Design the Space

The size and activity level of your family will determine the size of the mudroom you need. You may only need a few square feet or a much larger area if you spend a lot of time in the outdoors or use a lot of gear. Create a quick sketch of how you want the space to look from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint. Check out Crazy Wonderful for a little garage mudroom inspiration (featured image).

Enhance the Space

It doesn’t take a lot to make a functional garage mudroom, but there are a few essentials. You will want to have hooks for coats, a mat to put muddy shoes on, and probably some storage space for clean towels, dirty laundry, and wet umbrellas. The sky’s the limit, but a minimal approach will work just fine.

Make the Space

Finally, do whatever you need to make your garage mudroom a reality. And remember that it’s a work in progress. If your home still seems to be getting wet and muddy or winter weather proves to be a particularly bad one season, adapt your mudroom accordingly. Remember that it’s a functional space first and foremost, and one that not a lot of friends or neighbors see.


Keep Improving Your Garage with the Help of Garage Designs

If you’re not much of a DIY person or would like to take on a much bigger garage transformation project, Garage Designs is here to help. We can show you lots of fun and functional ideas and handle the design and construction work for you. Garages can be a lot more exciting than you realize. Take advantage of the spring season to transform the space and save big.

Featured Image Source: Crazy Wonderful

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