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Simple upgrades to make an average garage awesome. Let’s start with a definition of awesome garages. They don’t have to be outrageous or over the top. They simply need to work the way you want them to and be a pleasant space to spend time. These criteria are modest, but can you honestly say your garage meets them?

The truth is that most garages are spaces you move through as quickly as possible, and there’s nothing awesome about that. That’s why we’ve created a list of features found in cool garages. In most cases, you can make the upgrade for not a lot of money or work, and go as crazy or conservative as you would like. Does your garage have these features?

Cool Garages Have these Features. Does Yours?

  • Extra Door: A lot of garages have only the big front door and another straight into the house. Adding another door to the side gives you easy access (to grab a rake etc.) without having to open the garage door itself.
  • Windows: Garages are so dreary mostly because few let in natural light. Adding a window (or three, or a skylight) immediately brightens up the space, makes it easier to see/search, and creates a space you don’t mind spending time in.
  • Flooring: Usually you don’t want to walk across a garage in anything but shoes. Upgrading the floor to something besides cold, stained, gray concrete makes the space more functional and a lot less filthy.
  • Sink: No matter what you do in your garage you’re probably going to wish you had a sink at hand at one time or another. Putting one in makes clean up easy and provides an “overflow” sink if the one in your kitchen is occupied.
  • Electricity: The average garage is not wired up to be functional. A new wiring plan and some well-placed outlets make it easier to work on projects, install lighting, or put in a stereo/TV.
  • Storage: Clutter is the sworn enemy of any garage. With some extra, strategic storage – it could be cabinets, shelves, hanging hooks or even ceiling storage – you actually have the means to keep things organized and can fit a lot more in overall. If you’re looking for DIY garage shelves to reorganize your space, explore StoreWALL for the best in organization.
  • Character: Don’t think of your garage as some kind of secondary room the way we think about basements and attics. It’s a space you spend a lot of time and can use for a ton of purposes. Do something to make it a part of the rest of your home.

Once you have your dream garage you’re going to want to keep it well maintained right?Check out “Garage Maintenance 101: How to Keep Your Garage Looking Like New.”

With Garage Designs, Cool Garages are Possible

Any one of the features listed above is a possibility in almost every garage. If you’re looking to declutter and improve your space, our team at Garage Designs is here to help you plan and execute the best project for your space. In no time at all your garage will be a space that works and looks the way you actually want it to – an awesome garage! Get in touch with us to have a chat and get a free estimate.


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