Pool Storage for Easy Organization this Summer

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More Fun with Less Work – Tips for Easy Pool Storage

Keep your essential supplies close at hand and easy to find. Anyone with a pool knows that they require a lot of equipment. And unless there is a large storage shed right next to the pool area, that equipment is a challenge to store during the busy summer months and the dormant winter months. A solution that works for many homeowners is to use the garage to handle year-round pool storage. But it might take a little effort for the space to work the way you want it.

Follow these tips for storage solutions:

Create a Space Just for Pool Storage

You probably use your garage to store a lot of other stuff – lawn care equipment, recreational gear, kids toys, etc. Instead of trying to cram your pool stuff in wherever you can find a little bit of space, clear out an area for just pool stuff. That way, when you need to go hunting for something, you don’t have to search every corner of the garage.

Separate Your Pool Items Carefully

There are some pieces of equipment like your pool chemicals and your skimmer basket that you will need to use regularly, and others like novelty toys, replacement parts, and maintenance supplies that you will use a lot less often. Make sure the stuff you need to access on a weekly basis is front and center for easy access.

Get Things Off the Floor

Most of your pool stuff will be put away when wet, and it will get dipped into your pool the next time it’s used. For that reason, you will want to store it off of the floor where it won’t pickup up dirt, grime, grass clippings, and chemical residues. Sanitation is important for your pool, which means it’s important for your pool equipment, too. Consider upgrading your storage room floor that can stand up to the water and years of wear.

Prepare for the Winter

A lot of your pool items will stay next to the pool when it’s in use. This includes water toys, tables, chairs, and umbrellas you keep in the pool area, and possibly a whole lot more. But when you close you pool down in the fall, all of this stuff will have to be moved into secure storage. If you plan on using your garage, make sure you dedicate enough space to handle everything in the offseason.

Consider a Garage Changing Area

Wet swimsuits, towels, shoes, and toys can trail water all over your home. Instead of tracking in the mess, consider setting up a space in your garage to discard wet items and change into dry ones. With just a rubber mat, bin, and a few shelves, you can easily create a functional and private changing area that keeps pool water off your floors.

Make a Bigger Splash with Garage Designs

By now your pool is probably full and your pool equipment is getting a lot of use. If you would rather spend more time swimming and less time organizing, the team at Garage Designs can help. We can design and install storage solutions in any garage and make pool storage a cinch. Contact Garage Designs for a free estimate and for more information about custom garage solutions.

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