Garage Winter

Leaves are falling, daylight hours are dwindling, and the football season is in full swing. No doubt by now you’ve done some “winterizing” projects for your home. You’ve checked your furnace, disconnected your outside hoses and maybe even made sure your windows are well-insulated. But have you checked your garage? We’ve made garage winter prep easy on you this year!

The Temperatures Are Dropping…How’s Your Garage Winter Prep?

The garage is an often overlooked space for homeowners because, well, you don’t live in it. Making sure your garage is ready for winter should be a top priority because you have important investments that depend on your garage. Here are a few helpful hints so you can make sure you’re prepared for another St. Louis winter. That can only mean one thing – winter is right around the corner!

Will you be able to park your car in your garage at the first sign of snow? If not, here are a few steps you can take to make that happen:

The Purge

Just like you’re ushering out an old year, consider saying goodbye to those items that are just taking up space in your garage. You know the ones: the old toys and sports equipment you haven’t touched in a year or more; electronic equipment that would go better in a museum than your garage; nearly empty cans of spray paint and containers of rusty bolts and extra hardware from that IKEA furniture you assembled two years ago.

All this stuff needs to go. If it’s usable, donate it. If not, pitch it.


Make It Squeaky Clean

Most people clean their house weekly if not more often, but when’s the last time a broom actually touched the garage floor? When’s the last time the shelves were dusted? If these surface areas were previously covered by the stuff you just got rid of, then chances are your garage is overdue for a good cleaning.

Sweep out the dead bugs and cobwebs from the nooks and crannies. Do an inspection of the perimeter of your garage and make sure there aren’t any gaps or places critters can crawl through to create a winter home. If it’s warm enough, put everything on your floor outside for a bit and hose down the floor, giving it a good scrubbing.

Store and Organize

Before you put everything back to where it was, take the time to organize and store the items you decided to keep in a more orderly fashion. If it’s something you need to access regularly, keep it close to the front. If it’s something seasonal or that you only need once or twice a year store it in an out-of-the-way area.

Here’s where having the right garage storage solutions comes in handy. Garage Designs of St, Louis can provide you the overhead shelving, hooks, and cabinets that will allow you to secure all your garage items and maximize your space.



Looking to Make Your Garage Better?

Remember those important investments we talked about? Sure, you’ve probably put some money into the tools and equipment you’re storing in your garage, but what’s the most valuable investment that needs that shelter? Your car!

Many homeowners needlessly expose one of their most prized possession to the harshness of winter, all because of a disorganized and overcrowded garage. What exterior damage is done to your car by ice, snow and extreme temperature? What about the effects of starting your car regularly in sub-freezing temperatures? And what about yourself, having to shiver outside while scraping off the frost, ice, and snow? Is having a messy, unorganized garage worth all that?

Give us, your garage professionals at Garage Designs of St. Louis, a call and let us guide you through your winter updates…before Old Man Winter does any more damage. Our quality product inventory and level of customer service is shown through each and every one of our projects. If you live in the Chesterfield, Ladue, St. Charles, and in other St. Louis metro areas, we hope you will give us the opportunity to transform your space into something amazing and functional!

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