Simple Storage Solutions for a Small Garage

Storage Solutions

When it comes to your garage it can be a battle for space. If you have a small garage, then you’re probably a veteran of the never-ending war for space. While your garage was designed to shelter your car, every homeowner knows it’s also the chief storage room within any house.

Storage Solutions to Make Your Small Garage Usable

In houses with garages barely big enough to fit a car, that means a constant battle between the car and the rest of your stuff. How to make the best use of the space you do have? High-quality storage solutions.

If you’ve got a small garage, you don’t have the luxury of just tossing boxes in there to be organized later, or haphazardly placing tools, hardware or other items not currently in use. No, unlike the person with the luxurious three-car garage who only drives two, your space is at a premium. That means every square inch of space must be wisely used.

Fortunately, Garage Designs of St. Louis is there to help you achieve this goal. Owner Perry DiCampo, a self-proclaimed “car guy,” is also a “garage junkie.” That’s why he founded Garage Designs, to help other homeowners turn this often-overlooked space into something valuable.

Storage Solutions

Transform Your Garage Space

Garage Designs offers three main tools to help turn small garages into spaces that can house your car AND all the other valuable items you need to store. Small garages require extra care when creating an organization plan. Here are three key ingredients to achieve maximum capacity:

  • Slatwall: Garage Designs features StoreWall Slatwall storage panels lay flush with your garage wall. Using a variety of hooks and baskets, you’ll literally create storage space for tools and other equipment right out of thin air!
  • Overhead Storage Racks Most people think about storage from the ground up. Garage Designs carries and installs ONRAX overhead storage racks to utilize space from the ceiling down. These sturdy units offer a great storage solution for seasonal items and other equipment that doesn’t need to be accessed regularly.
  • Garage Designs offers and installs a complete line of garage storage solutions, such as custom-built cabinets and shelving units, to fit your needs.
    • Open Shelving: Open shelving is perfect for holding larger objects that need to be within reach. And because there are no doors to swing open, access is not restricted by a parked vehicle.
    • Garage Cabinets: Enclosed cabinets are great for storing items out of sight. In the photo above, a central vacuum system is concealed in the garage cabinet. Make sure you have plenty of clearance for opening doors.

Create a plan for your garage organization project by first assessing the items you need to store. Simple solutions and smart use of space are all you need to stay organized!

What Are You Waiting For? Your St. Louis Team is Ready to Help

With winter coming, don’t let your stuff force your car out into the cold. And for the long term, stop having to get rid of things you value just because you don’t have enough room. 

If you’re still fighting the space battle in your garage, here are some simple garage organization tips to get you started in the right direction. In the meantime, contact our team and we’ll schedule a time to deliver a free estimate and help devise a customized plan for transforming your space with the right storage solutions.

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