3 Zones for Storing Bicycles in your Garage

Store Your Bikes With Efficiency

storing bicyclesSure, you want them accessible. But are they cluttering your space?

Many homeowners grapple with keeping their garage organized, particularly when it comes to bicycles.  Bikes block parking spaces and interrupt walkways.  Bicycles are relatively big, gangly, and tricky to manage. Most people want to keep bikes relatively handy, particularly when small children need access, but don’t want them in the way.

Fortunately, there are solutions! Think of three main areas when assessing where to locate bicycles: overhead, on the wall, or on the floor.

Overhead Storage

storing bicyclesOverhead ceiling storage is perfect if garage ceilings are tall or when floor space is at a premium. Options include fixed hooks and retractable systems that raise and lower equipment like window blinds. Ceiling storage options are useful when bikes are only needed occasionally or when garage floor space is tight.  Take care to install properly or hire a professional.

Wall Storage

Wall storage involves installing a system designed to hold bicycles on hooks or brackets. Some systems are designed to hold bikes flush with the wall. Others mount wheels perpendicular to the wall. There are numerous options on the market. The amount of aisle width in your garage space will dictate which option is best suited.

storing bicyclesFloor Storage

When kids are involved, homeowners should consider corraling bikes on the floor. To maintain order, implement a floor standing bike rack. Kids ca easily park their bikes and will appreciate having a consistent storage spot. Try to find a place on the garage floor that is out of the main traffic flow yet convenient to access.

Whether you find overhead, wall or floor space, locate a zone to get those bicycles organized and under control.

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