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Think Outside the Box for Your Garage Conversion

Spruce up the space in interesting and outrageous ways

We have all seen garages that have been transformed into a wood shop, mechanic’s space, or man cave. But a converted garage is such a versatile space that it can become just about anything. Don’t think of it as a former garage. Think of it as an addition to your home. What would you like to use the space for? Here are a few particularly unique garage conversion ideas:

Studio Apartment: Depending on the size of your garage it could function as a fully contained living space. The tiny house movement has shown us that it doesn’t take a lot of square footage to accommodate all the comforts of home.

Gym: Rather than giving up space in your bedroom to a treadmill or weight machine, set them up in the garage. It’s easier to get motivated to exercise when you can do it in a dedicated space built exactly for working out. Plus, you’ll be able to hang the equipment from the ceiling, like a punching bag!

Skate Park: Have your kids been begging you to set up a half pipe in the backyard? Keep your landscaping intact and build a mini ramp in the garage instead. That way weather never has to bring an end to the fun.

Green House: If your garage is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight it can become the perfect year-round growing space. Adding floor to ceiling windows and a skylight allows you to grow you favorite fruits, vegetables, and flowers in any season. The space can also double as a patio.

Kitchen Extension: If your kitchen can’t accommodate all the equipment you desire, why not expand out into the garage? This can be the perfect place to put a second fridge or deep freeze and can even accommodate specialized equipment like a wood-fired pizza oven.

Playroom: Toys can prove to be a scourge that takes over every space in your home. Cut down on the clutter and give your kids a safe and fun space to play by making over your garage.

Craft Cave: Garages can contain more than just sawdust and motor oil. If you like to do craft projects your garage is a great space to store all your materials/equipment in the same place where you have room to work.

Trophy Room: If you have valuable collections why keep them hidden in a closet? A garage equipped with display cases is a great place to show off your most prized possessions.


Turn Your Dreams into a Reality with the Help of Garage Designs

As you can see, your options are basically limitless. But in order for your garage conversion to go exactly as planned you need the help of true professionals. Let Garage Designs help you plan and then build your home upgrade according to your exact specifications. With our experience and expertise you’re sure to love the finished product. If you’re curious about the options, request a free estimate today.

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