Unusual – but Useful – Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinet holds folding chairs and coolers

Seasonal gear is stored in the off-season.

What’s in your garage?

Garage Designs installs a lot of garage cabinets each year.

Most cabinets are fairly standard – stock size, simple style, typical color. And that’s okay.

But it’s really fun when we get to design unusual cabinets for a specific purpose. We have created garage cabinets to contain specific items, to conceal unsightly mechanics, or to make a space more user-friendly.

garage cabinets

The perfect place for eveybody’s shoes!

Families, homeowners, and car lovers appreciate the personalized detail that goes into each garage project we design. Garages contain a vast array of items in every shape and size. Why not have a perfect place for everything?

Garage cabinets that fit your needs. Limited only by your imagination. What do you need to corral in your garage?




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