Upgrade Your Space: 9 Benefits of Getting a Garage Makeover

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In many homes, the garage is one of those forgotten spaces. We know it exists. We use it for the basics like parking a vehicle and storing a random assortment of items. We don’t use it to its full potential, though. For that reason, many homeowners don’t realize what they’re missing until they do a garage makeover. Their garage becomes a whole new usable space they never knew they had.

Like them, here’s a peek into what you can gain from a garage makeover.

1. Extra Storage Space

One of the most productive and helpful ways to use your garage is for storage. We all have items we only use once or twice a year. You probably have items you’re keeping as mementos, too, but you never need to access.

As great as the garage is for that type of storage, you may be missing an opportunity. If your storage space is disorganized, you won’t be able to store as many items there. You also won’t be able to find the items you need when you need them.

During a garage makeover, you can create a structured storage area. Install shelves for storage bins that go up to your ceiling, for example. This allows you to use all your vertical space while also making items easy to label and find.

As an added bonus, swapping out a pile of clutter for organized storage will make your garage look larger.

2. New Safety Precautions

Everyone uses their garage differently, but most homeowners have at least some safety hazards in their garage. This includes dangerous tools, automotive fluids, and landscaping chemicals to name a few.

When you remodel your garage, you can install specialized ways to keep these items out of children’s sneaky hands. You could install a cabinet that not only locks but is also mounted high on the wall. This way, if you accidentally leave the cabinet unlocked, kids and pets still can’t reach it.

3. A More Versatile Space

Who says a garage just has to be a place to stash your vehicle and outdoor items? When you get a garage makeover, the sky is the limit.

One option is to renovate your garage in a way that turns it into a party space. Install a bar and refrigerator, along with a countertop. The next time you want to host a party but there isn’t room in the house, you have plenty of space as well as an area to set out snacks.

You can also convert part of your garage into another type of space entirely. One half could be a parking space while the other half is your art studio or your woodworking area.

During your garage makeover, you’ll be able to design and arrange these as two distinct areas.

4. Higher Resale Value

An organized garage increases the value of your home!

Renovating your garage is one of many steps you can take to make that happen.

With a garage makeover, you can turn your garage from a dull necessity into a functional space. Buyers expect to see garages that look messy and work-intensive, so when they see one that is well-designed and well-organized, it takes your home to another level.

Both interior and exterior improvements will help you on this front. Updating your external garage doors can boost your curb appeal, but the inside will be a bigger seller.

5. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re trying to do your part to preserve the planet or you just want to save money on your energy bill, a more energy-efficient home is the way to go. Your garage renovation is the perfect opportunity to make that happen.

While remodeling your garage, you can swap your old windows and doors for better-insulated ones. Depending on how extreme your makeover is, you can even upgrade the insulation in your garage walls.

To make it even sweeter, these upgrades will also make your garage more temperature-stable. That makes it more practical and enjoyable so you get even more use from the space.

6. No More Neighborhood Shame

We’ve all felt it from time to time. Your garage is a mess, and you have to open the garage door to get your vehicle in or out. In the process, you know it will expose your messy garage to all your neighbors and you’re self-conscious about it.

A garage makeover can give you back your freedom. Not only will garage cabinets, shelves, and other updates organize your garage at the time, but they’ll make it easier to keep it clean long-term.

7. Technology Upgrades

We all have dreams of technology that would make our lives easier. When it comes to your garage, why not add that technology to your remodel?

Start by upgrading the technology you already have. If your garage doors aren’t raising and lowering the way they should get a replacement.

You could also add new technology based on how you want to use your garage. For example, you might do a lot of automotive work, maintain your vehicle or fixing up other ones. Installing a residential car lift can make that work far easier and safer.

8. Space Just for You

It doesn’t matter how much you love your family or how much of an extrovert you are. We all need time to ourselves every once in a while. When you renovate your garage, you can turn it into the ideal space for solitude.

Convert all or part of your garage into an area for whatever activity you enjoy most. That could be a crafting area or a woodworking shop. It could be a more versatile “man cave” or “she shed.”

Regardless of what it is, that makes you feel relaxed and at home, your garage makeover can make it a reality.

9. Making the Kids More Self-Sufficient

So many parents have the same frustration. They don’t have an easily accessible place to store their kids’ sports equipment, so they have to get it for them every time. When your kids are hounding you for a different toy every half hour, you don’t have time to relax or work on your to-do list.

There is also the opposite problem: you store your kids’ items in a random pile in the corner because you have no other options. Because there is no organized way to store it, your kids toss everything in the pile time and time again, making the garage a cluttered mess.

You can fix both those issues with a garage makeover. Take an inventory of your kids’ items and install the best storage options for each of them. Make sure they’re in a place that is easy for the kids to reach.

With that in place, you can make it the kids’ responsibility to put away every item in its proper home. It teaches them to be organized and to be responsible for cleaning up after themselves. After all, it takes away all their excuses for not cleaning up.

10. Warding Off Future Problems

At first glance, your garage looks like a perfect place for extra storage. It’s out of the way and your items are stashed away where your guests are less likely to see them.

Then you have a rainstorm and the water comes into your garage damaging your items. If the items you were storing were sentimental, this can be heartbreaking.

During a garage makeover, you can prevent this from happening in the future.

For one, you can install storage that is above the floor. Keep everything at least a few inches up so small amounts of water won’t reach it.

You can even go the extra mile during your renovation and add more waterproofing measures. That could include drainage, upgraded doors and windows, and more.

Sculpting Your Garage to Fit Your Needs

People talk about updating the rooms inside their homes all the time. Chances are that someone in your life is in the midst of a kitchen or bathroom renovation as we speak.

The garage doesn’t get as much attention. People think of it as an extra space that serves a purpose but isn’t pretty to look at.

The face is that a garage makeover can make your garage more useful as well as more attractive. Whether you need a more organized way to store your items or you want your garage to serve a whole new purpose, you can it in less time than you think.

To start the process, contact our garage remodeling team for a free garage organization estimate while you plan any other aspects of the project you want to add.


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