When Is an Expert Really an Expert?

You Get What You Give

I recently met a young contractor – Paul Hamtil – who lives and works in the St Louis area. He took over the family’s Hamtil Construction business and, along with his brother, has steadily grown revenue.  As part of that growth, Paul has positioned himself as the go-to expert in the market.

expertHow has he become an industry expert? Not just by doing quality work, which his company does. The key is putting himself out there. Paul is everywhere! Posting on Twitter, Hometalk, Facebook, and Linkedin. Writing “Ask the Expert” answers in St Louis At Home magazine. Making connections at networking events. This guy is amazing!

But here’s the best part – Paul is terrific because he truly connects with people. He is passionate about his work and loves to promote it. But he also champions the work of others. He doesn’t just toot his own horn. For Paul, connections are a two-way street. He cares. It’s engaging and genuine and it works!

So whether you provide a cloth diaper service, build backyard water features or are a mom with the next big idea, get out there! Tell your story and champion the stories of others. Meet people – either in person or on line – who inspire and motivate you. Listen and then toot some horns. Be a champion. Only then can you truly be an expert.



  • Paul H says:

    I am so flattered that you posted this blog! Thank you so much for the kind words, and I must say that it is a true pleasure to have met you, Perry, and the Garage Designs team. Your professionalism is truly an asset to those who come to know and work with you. Thank you.

  • I too have had the pleasure of meeting Paul first thru Twitter and then in real life… (in fact I love pointing out that I took that pic you see just up here.) What you say is absolutely true. He & Dave do great work, but also … all the little things that really add up to true value for a client.

    Great tribute and thanks for sharing it Jane.

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